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Right Place, Wrong Time

Ethan Parnell and Gina Morante meet when they accidentally wind up in the same time-share condominium on the Caribbean island of St. Thomas. Right place for a tropical vacation, but wrong time for them both to appear–and for sure the wrong two people to spend a week together in close quarters.He's a Connecticut type–reserved, well-bred, a product of the best schools. She's a savvy Manhattan girl–a funky shoe designer whose warm, working-class family lives in the Bronx.So how come they end up thinking so much about each other once they're back in their own worlds after the wrong time is up?

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781472062017

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Judith Arnold

Infobox Writer

imagesize = 150px
name = Barbara Keiler
caption =
pseudonym = Ariel Berk
Thea Frederick
Judith Arnold
birthdate = April 7
birthplace = United States
deathdate =
deathplace =
occupation = Novelist
nationality = American
period = 1983 - present
genre = Romantic novel
subject =
movement =
debut_works = "Silent Beginnings" as Ariel Berk
influences =
influenced =

website = http://www.JudithArnold.com
footnotes =

Barbara Keilercite web | last = | first = | authorlink = | coauthors = | title = An Author's Voice: Judith Arnold (Barbara Keiler '74) | work = | publisher =Alumnae Association of Smith College | date = | url =http://alumnae.smith.edu/authors/romance.php | format = | doi = | accessdate = 2007-02-09 ] (b. April 7), well-known as Judith Arnold, is a best-selling American author of over eighty-five romance novels since 1983. She has also been published as Ariel Berk and Thea Frederick.


Keiler can't remember a time when she did not have stories percolating in her brain. Even before she was old enough to write, she would tell herself stories when there were no adults nearby to tell one to her. When she was six years old, she wrote down a story for the first time, telling the story of a lonely bear who made a friend and lived happily ever after.cite web | last = Arnold | first =Judith | authorlink = | coauthors =
title = About Judith Arnold | work = | publisher =Judith Arnold Official Website | date = | url =http://juditharnold.com/about.html | format = | doi = | accessdate = 2007-02-09

Keiler continued writing when she entered school. She was the author of her fourth grade class's play, and in sixth grade won an award for a poem she composed for National Dental Week. In high school she was published in the school's creative writing magazine and edited the school newspaper. After winning a contest in college for writing a play, Keiler decided to become a playwright. She graduated from Smith College in 1974 and earned an A.M. in creative writing from Brown University in 1976.cite web | last = | first = | authorlink = | coauthors = | title = Romance Novels by Brown and Rhode Island Authors | work = | publisher =Brown University Library | date = | url = | format = | doi = | accessdate = 2007-02-09 ] She then spent the next ten years writing plays for production in regional theaters around the country. Because this did not provide a large enough salary to make a living, she also taught English at several local colleges. The dual workload and frequent travel caused Keiler to burn out on theater work.

Keiler's husband challenged her to take a year off of teaching to try to write and sell a novel. She accepted his dare and began to write non-stop. By the end of the year she had sold a romance novel, "Silent Beginnings", to Silhouette Books. This novel was published in October 1983, a month made even more special with the arrival of her first child.

Since then, Keiler has written over 85 romance novels. These have been published in category romance lines such as Silhouette (writing as Ariel Berk), Second Chance at Love (writing as Thea Frederick), and the Harlequin lines of Temptation, American, and Superromance, as well as single-title books published by Mira (writing as Judith Arnold). She is a three-time "Romantic Times" award-winner and has been nominated an additional four times, including for Career Achievement.cite web | last = | first = | authorlink = | coauthors = | title = Judith Arnold Author Profile | work =
publisher =Romantic Times Magazine | date = | url = http://www.romantictimes.com/authors_profile.php?author=671 | format = | doi = | accessdate = 2007-02-09
] Keiler has been a finalist for the Romance Writers of America RITA Award and the Golden Medallion Award, and was nominated for the RWA's Lifetime Achievement Award. She is also a past president of Novelists, Inc..cite web | last = | first = | authorlink = | coauthors = | title = Amazon.com's policy of promoting used books in competition with new book sales | work = | publisher =Novelists, Inc. | date = | url =http://www.ninc.com/position_papers/amazonused.asp | format = | doi = | accessdate = 2007-02-09 ]

Keiler married after her husband obtained his Ph.D. in Rhode Island, now they have two sons. She and her family live near Boston, Massachusetts with a guinea pig named Wilbur (deceased).


cite web | last = | first = | authorlink = | coauthors = | title = Judith Arnold | work = | publisher =Fantastic Fiction | date = | url =http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/a/judith-arnold/ | format = | doi = | accessdate = 2007-02-09 ]

As Ariel Berk

ingle Novels

*"Silent Beginnings" (1983)
*"Remedies of the Heart" (1984)
*"Promise of Love" (1985)
*"Breaking the Ice" (1985)
*"Hungry for Love" (1985)
*"No Plan for Love" (1986)
*"False Impressions" (1986)
*"Teacher's Pet" (1986)
*"Playing with Matches" (1987)
*"Game, Set, Match" (1987)
*"Together Again" (1988)
*"Peace of Mind" (1989)
*"A Package Deal" (1989)

As Thea Frederick

ingle Novel

*"Beloved Adversary" (1984)

As Judith Arnold

ingle Novels

*"Come Home to Love" (1985)
*"A Modern Man" (1985)
*"Flowing to the Sky" (1985)
*"Special Delivery" (1986)
*"Jackpot" (1986)
*"Man and Wife" (1986)
*"On Love's Trail" (1986)
*"Best Friends" (1987)
*"Comfort and Joy" (1987)
*"Twilight" (1988)
*"Going Back" (1988)
*"Harvest the Sun" (1988)
*"One Whiff of Scandal" (1989)
*"Turning Tables" (1989)
*"Change of Life" (1990)
*"Survivors" (1990)
*"Lucky Penny" (1990)
*"Safe Harbor" (1991)
*"One Good Turn" (1991)
*"A Loverboy" (1991)
*"Raising the Stakes" (1991)
*"Trust Me" (1992)
*"The Woman Downstairs" (1992)
*"Opposing Camps" (1992)
*"Sweet Light" (1992)
*"Oh, You Beautiful Doll" (1993)
*"Just Like Romeo and Juliet" (1993)
*"Flashfire" (1993)
*"The Parent Plan" (1994)
*"Private Lies" (1994)
*"Romantic Reunion" (1994)
*"The Marrying Type" (1994)
*"Cry Uncle" (1995)
*"Barefoot in the Grass" (1996)
*"Courting Trouble" (1997)
*"Her Secret Lover" (1999)
*"Looking for Laura" (2001)
*"Somebody's Dad" (2002)
*"Hidden Treasures" (2003)
*"Right Place, Wrong Time" (2003)
*"Heart on the Line" (2003)
*"The Fixer Upper" (2005)
*"The Marriage Bed" (2007)

Keeping The Faith Series

#"Promises" (1987)
#"Commitments" (1987)
#"Dreams" (1987)

Class of '78 Series Multi-Author

*"Alessandra And the Archangel" (1994)

The Mystery Of Bachelor Arms Series

#"The Lady in the Mirror" (1995)
#"Timeless Love" (1995)

Reunited Series Multi-Author

*"Married to the Man" (1996)

Weddings By Dewilde Series Multi-Author

*"A Stranger's Baby" (1996)

The Daddy School Series

#"Father Found" (1997)
#"Father Christmas" (1997)
#"Father of Two" (1998)
#"Dr. Dad" (2000)
#"'Tis the Season" (2000)
#"Hush, Little Baby" (2001)
*"Duet: Father found / Father Christmas" (2000)

Delta Justice Series Multi-Author

*"Legacy of Secrets" (1998)

By the Year 2000: Satisfaction Series Multi-Author

*"The Wrong Bride" (1999)

Welcome to Riverbend Series Multi-Author

*"Birthright" (2002)

Bloom Family Series

#"Love in Bloom's" (2002)
#"Blooming All Over" (2004)

Finders, Keeper Agency Series

#"Found: One Wife" (2002)
#"Found: One Son" (2003)

Hotel Marchand Series Multi-Author

*"In the Dark" (2006)


*"Father Knows Best" (2001)

Omnibus In Collaboration

*"My Valentine" (1993) (with Anne McAllister, Anne Stuart and Linda Randall Wisdom)
*"Millennium Baby" (1999) (with Bobby Hutchinson and Kristine Rolofson)
*"All Summer Long" (2001) (with Bobby Hutchinson and Muriel Jensen)
*"All They Want for Christmas" (2001) (with Pamela Browning) ("Comfort And Joy / Merry Christmas, Baby")
*"Written in the Stars" (2001) (with Kate Hoffmann and Gina Wilkins)
*"Fool for Love" (2004) (with Stephanie Bond and Vicki Lewis Thompson) ("Fooling Around / Nobody's Fool / Fools Rush In")
*"Burning Bright" (2004) (with Maggie Shayne and Anne Stuart)
*"Baby Jane / We Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus / Wide Open Spaces" (2004) (with Roz Denny Fox and Brenda Novak)
*"How to Marry a Millionaire" (2004) (with Suzanne Forster and Muriel Jensen)
*"Men Made In America Vol 2" (2007) (with Elizabeth August, Ann Major, Rita Herron and Dallas Schulze)

Non Fiction

*"Women Do" essay in "Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women":" Romance Writers on the Appeal of the Romance" (1992)
*"This I do for me" essay in "North American Romance Writers" (1999)

References and Sources

See also

*List of romantic novelists

External links

* [http://www.juditharnold.com Judith Arnold's Official Website]
* [http://www.eharlequin.com/author.html?authorid=9 Judith Arnold at eHarlequin]
* [http://www.millsandboon.co.uk/cgi-bin/millsandboon.storefront/467e5e00001b948a273f58d0dc9e0680/Export/products/AUTH-2D000012 Judith Arnold at Mills & Boon]
* [http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/b/ariel-berk Ariel Berk at Fantastic Fiction] and [http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/a/judith-arnold Judith Arnold at Fantastic Fiction]

Источник: Judith Arnold

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