Книга: Michael Lewis «The English Verb: An Exploration of Structure and Meaning»

The English Verb: An Exploration of Structure and Meaning

Серия: "Language Teaching Publications"

This book is about exploring the English verb, not explaining it. The difference is important. "Explaining" assumes one person knows, and the other does not. It suggests a one-way process, which starts from a place decided by the person who knows. "Exploring" suggests the possibility of going wrong, the need to re-trace our steps, a process of guessing, checking and discovering together. Some of our guesses are right, and others wrong. The emphasis is on a dynamic and co-operative process. So often "explaining grammar" is a waste of time, which confuses rather than helps. I hope teachers will be influenced by this book to change the emphasis of work that they do with their students from explaining to exploring.

Издательство: "Thomson Heinle" (2002)

Формат: 165x235, 192 стр.

ISBN: 0-906717-40-X

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Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis

Lewis in 2009.
Born Michael Lewis
1960 (age 50–51)
New Orleans, Louisiana
Occupation Non-fiction writer, journalist
Period 1989–present
Notable work(s) Liar's Poker (1989)
Spouse(s) Diane de Cordova Lewis
Kate Bohner
Tabitha Soren

Michael Lewis (born 1960) is an American non-fiction author and financial journalist. His bestselling books include The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine, Liar's Poker, The New New Thing, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, Panic and Home Game: An Accidental Guide to Fatherhood. He is currently a contributing editor to Vanity Fair.


Early life

Lewis was born in New Orleans to corporate lawyer J. Thomas Lewis and community activist Diana Monroe Lewis. He attended the college preparatory Isidore Newman School in New Orleans. He attended Princeton University where he received a BA degree in Art History in 1982 and was a member of the Ivy Club.

He went on to work with New York art dealer Daniel Wildenstein. He enrolled in the London School of Economics, and received his MSc degree in Economics in 1985.[1][2] Lewis was hired by Salomon Brothers and moved to New York for their training program. He worked at their London office as a bond salesman. He resigned to write Liar's Poker and become a financial journalist.


Lewis described his experiences at Salomon in Liar's Poker (1989). In The New New Thing (1999), he investigated the then-booming Silicon Valley and discussed obsession with innovation. Four years later, Lewis wrote Moneyball, in which he investigated the success of Billy Beane and the Oakland A's. In August 2007, he wrote an article about catastrophe bonds entitled "In Nature's Casino" that appeared in The New York Times Magazine.[3]

Lewis has worked for the New York Times Magazine, as a columnist for Bloomberg, as a frequent contributor to The New Republic, and a visiting fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. He wrote the Dad Again column for Slate. Lewis worked for Conde Nast Portfolio but in February 2009 left to join Vanity Fair, where he became a contributing editor.[4][5]

In an interview at the 2010 National Book Awards, Tom Wolfe called Lewis one of two "writers to watch" (the other was Mark Bowden).[6]

Personal life

Lewis's first marriage was to Diane de Cordova Lewis. He was briefly married to former CNBC correspondent Kate Bohner, before marrying the former MTV reporter Tabitha Soren on October 4, 1997. The couple have two daughters and one son.


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