Книга: David Sinden, Nikalas Catlow «Anti Journal»

Anti Journal

Anti Journal is no ordinary journal, it's an anarchic, therapeutic route to personal and artistic discovery packed with partially illustrated pages to complete in imaginative unconventional ways. For all ages, bedroom journalers, total novices or professional artists, Anti Journal is sheer creative bliss and the catalyst for discovering your own twist: create, pattern, draw, paint, disguise, stain, collage, construct, colour, stitch, sketch, write, tape, document and discover talents you never knew you had. Create beyond the norm: use paint, pens, pencils, chalk, but how about old clothes, fruit peel, cellphones, emotions, highlighters, digital media, physical actions, junk, photography and nature too? Anti Journal knows no boundaries or rules. It's the personal tool for expression and will stir your imagination out of even the deepest slumber. No matter where you go, just carry your handy-sized Anti Journal in your bag and live a more creative life. It's therapeutic, joyous and...

Издательство: "Macmillan Children's Books" (2014)

Формат: 140x190, 192 стр.

ISBN: 978-1-4472-8879-4

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Nikalas Catlow

Nikalas Catlow is a Children's Book Illustrator, born in Stockport, Cheshire in 1975. He is the illustrator of over 20 books including the best seller "The Boy's Book: How to be the Best at Everything" which has now been reprinted 6 times and the best selling series "A Children’s Miscellany" vols 1, 2 and 3. He has also published the 'doodle' series of books the most recent of which is titled 'Holiday Doodle'. After completing an MA at the Anglia Ruskin University in January 2006, Catlow moved to Utrecht in Holland and later Amsterdam before returning to London to work as designer on the best selling series Horrible Science and a new series by Philip Ardagh 'Henry's House - Where Knowledge Lurks.' He continues to write and illustrate his own books for Buster Books, an imprint of Michael O'Mara books Ltd.

Источник: Nikalas Catlow

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