Книга: Don Hellriegel, John W. Slocum «Organizational Behavior»

Organizational Behavior

Using the most unique approach to organizational behavior today, Hellriegel/Slocum's ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR, 13E equips readers to become high performance managers in today's business world. Readers gain a solid foundation in organizational behavior with this competency-based approach. Students assess and maximize their personal skills within the context of today's organizational behavior as they learn to master seven core managerial competencies most important for success -- managing self, ethics, communication, diversity, across cultures, teams, and change. This edition combines classic theory with contemporary research and emerging trends to establish a clear connection between OB theory and contemporary practice. New actual business cases and interactive exercises demonstrate how effective leaders use key competencies to lead. Trust ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR, 13E for the foundation your students need to become highly effective leaders today and tomorrow.

Издательство: "Cengage Learning" (2008)

Формат: 220x280, 672 стр.

ISBN: 978-1-4390-4225-0, 1-4390-4225-X

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