Book: Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson «A Memory of Light»

A Memory of Light

Серия: "The Wheel Of Time"

And it came to pass in those days, as it had come before and would come again, that the Dark lay heavy on the land and weighed down the hearts of men, and the green things failed, and hope died. From Charal Drianaan te Calamon, The Cycle of the Dragon. In the Field of Merrilor the rulers of the nations gather to join behind Rand al'Thor, or to stop him from his plan to break the seals on the Dark One's prison - which may be a sign of his madness, or the last hope of humankind. Egwene, the Amyrlin Seat, leans toward the former. In Andor, the Trollocs seize Caemlyn. In the wolf dream, Perrin Aybara battles Slayer. Approaching Ebou Dar, Mat Cauthon plans to visit his wife Tuon, now Fortuona, Empress of the Seanchan. All humanity is in peril - and the outcome will be decided in Shayol Ghul itself. The Wheel is turning and the Age is coming to its end. The Last Battle will determine the fate of the world… For twenty years The Wheel of Time has enthralled...

Издательство: "Orbit" (2013)

Формат: 160x240, 912 стр.

ISBN: 978-1-84149-872-0

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Robert Jordan

Infobox Writer
name = Robert Jordan

imagesize = 150px
caption =
birthdate = birth date |1948|10|17
birthplace = Charleston, South Carolina, United States
deathdate = death date and age|2007|9|16|1948|10|17|mf=y
deathplace =
occupation = Novelist
genre = Fantasy
movement =
notableworks = "The Wheel of Time"
influences = J.R.R. Tolkien, Frank Herbert
influenced =
website =

Robert Jordan was the pen name of James Oliver Rigney, Jr. (October 17, 1948 – September 16, 2007), under which he was best known as the author of the bestselling "The Wheel of Time" fantasy series. He also wrote under the names Reagan O'Neal and Jackson O'Reily.


Jordan was born in Charleston, South Carolina. He served two tours in Vietnam (from 1968 to 1970) with the United States Army as a helicopter gunner. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross with bronze oak leaf cluster, the Bronze Star with "V" and bronze oak leaf cluster, and two Vietnamese Gallantry Crosses with palm. After returning from Vietnam he attended The Citadel where he received an undergraduate degree in physics. After graduating he was employed by the United States Navy as a nuclear engineer. He began writing in 1977. He was a history buff and enjoyed hunting, fishing, sailing, poker, chess, pool, and pipe collecting. He described himself as a "High Church" Episcopalian [ [ Dragonmount, the Robert Jordan blog (June 1, 2007)] ,] and received communion more than once a week. [ [ Dragonmount, the Robert Jordan blog (September 27, 2007)] .] He lived in a house built in 1797 with his wife Harriet McDougal, who works as a book editor (currently with Tor Books; she was also Jordan's editor). [ [ Robert Jordan biography at Tor Books website (] ]


On March 23, 2006, Jordan disclosed in a statement [cite web |title=Statement from Robert Jordan about his health in Locus Magazine |url=] that he had been diagnosed with cardiac amyloidosis, and that with treatment, his median life expectancy was four years, though he said he intended to beat the statistics. He later posted on his Dragonmount blog to encourage his fans not to worry about him and that he intended to have a long and fully creative life, working for another 30 years.

He began chemotherapy treatment at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota in early April 2006. [ [ Important note from Robert Jordan at Tor Books website – March 25, 2006] ] Jordan was enrolled in a study using the drug Revlimid just approved for multiple myeloma but not yet tested on primary amyloidosis.

Jordan died at approximately 2:45 p.m. EDT on September 16, 2007. [ [ Dragonmount - Jordan's death.] ]

His funeral service was held Wednesday, September 19, 2007. [ [ The Post and Courier] ]

His life will be subject of the feature length documentary . [ [] ]

The Wheel of Time

Jordan published eleven books of a projected twelve total in the main sequence of the Wheel of Time series. Reviewers and fans of the earlier books noted a slowing of the pace of events in the last few installments due to the expansion of scale of the series as a whole. [Cannon, Peter. CROSSROADS OF TWILIGHT (Book). Publishers Weekly; 12/23/2002, Vol. 249 Issue 51, p.50]

Due to his health problems, Jordan did not work at full force on the final installment "A Memory of Light", but blog entries confirmed that he continued work on it until his death, and he shared all of the significant plot details with his family not long before he died. [ [ Robert Jordan's Official Blog] ] He maintained that in doing so the book will get published even if "the worst actually happens". [ [ Forbes article on Jordan's illness] ] On December 7 2007 Tor Books announced that Brandon Sanderson had been chosen to finish the Wheel of Time series. Jordan's widow chose him after reading his "Mistborn" series. [ [ TOR Press Release] ]

Chapter summaries for the first eleven Wheel of Time books can be found [ here.]
# "The Eye of the World" (15 January 1990)
# "The Great Hunt" (15 November 1990)
# "The Dragon Reborn" (15 October 1991)
# "The Shadow Rising" (15 September 1992)
# "The Fires of Heaven" (15 October 1993)
# "Lord of Chaos" (15 October 1994)
# "A Crown of Swords" (15 May 1996)
# "The Path of Daggers" (20 October 1998)
# "Winter's Heart" (9 November 2000)
# "Crossroads of Twilight" (7 January 2003)
# "Knife of Dreams" (11 October 2005)
# "A Memory of Light" (scheduled for 2009)

In addition to the main sequence, Robert Jordan also wrote some accessory works:
*"The World of Robert Jordan's the Wheel of Time" (6 November 1997, reference book, written in collaboration with Teresa Patterson)
**This reference book includes "The Strike at Shayol Ghul", a short story published online in 1996 which was republished in print as part of this reference book
*"New Spring" (October 1998, novella, published in Tor's "Legends" anthology, edited by Robert Silverberg; the story is located in the third volume of the paperback edition; the hardcover is one volume)
**"New Spring" (January 2004, novel, an expanded work superseding the earlier novella)
*"From The Two Rivers", a repackaging of the first half of "The Eye Of The World" for a younger market, includes an additional prologue titled "Ravens".
*"To the Blight", a repackaging of the second half of "The Eye of the World" for a younger market.
*"The Hunt Begins", a repackaging of the first half of "The Great Hunt" for a younger market.
*"New Threads in the Pattern", a repackaging of the second half of "The Great Hunt" for a younger market.

Other work


(under the pen name "Reagan O'Neal")

*"The Fallon Blood" (1980)
*"The Fallon Pride" (1981)
*"The Fallon Legacy" (1982)

Conan the Barbarian

Jordan was one of several writers who have written new Conan the Barbarian stories.

#"Conan the Invincible" (1982)
#"Conan the Defender" (1982)
#"Conan the Unconquered" (1983)
#"Conan the Triumphant" (1983)
#"Conan the Magnificent" (1984)
#"Conan the Destroyer" (1984)
#"Conan the Victorious" (1984)

Some bibliographies also include "Conan: King of Thieves"; this however, was actually the working title of the second Conan movie, "Conan the Destroyer", and hence Jordan's novelization. Jordan had already been hired to do the novelization and Tor had already applied for an ISBN when the title was changed to "Conan the Destroyer". [ [ WOT Encyclopaedia] ]

They were packed into two separate volumes:
*"The Conan Chronicles"
*"The Further Chronicles of Conan" ("The Conan Chronicles II" in the UK, different contents)

Jordan also compiled a well-known Conan Chronology.

Infinity of Heaven

Jordan mentioned several times that he planned another fantasy series set in a different kind of world. He said that it would be a Shogun-esque series about a man in his 30s who is shipwrecked in an unknown culture and world. The books would detail his adventures there, and would have been titled Infinity of Heaven. [ [ News] ]

He said that he would have begun writing these after finishing his work on the twelfth and final main sequence book of "The Wheel of Time". Jordan said, "Infinity of Heaven almost certainly will be written before the prequels, though I might do them between the Infinity books." Also according to, Jordan planned to write some side-story novels, before completely abandoning his decades-long work. Jordan had particularly stressed that this series would be significantly shorter than "The Wheel of Time" saga (about 6 books long and essentially two trilogies).

Other works

*"Cheyenne Raiders" (1982, under the pseudonym "Jackson O'Reilly")


Further reading

External links

* [ Robert Jordan's Official Blog] (hosted by [] )
* [ Robert Jordan at Tor Books]
*IBList |type=author|id=57|name=Robert Jordan

NAME= Jordan, Robert
ALTERNATIVE NAMES=Rigney, James Oliver Jr.; O'Neal, Reagan
SHORT DESCRIPTION= American novelist
DATE OF BIRTH= 17 October, 1948
PLACE OF BIRTH= Charleston, South Carolina
DATE OF DEATH= 16 September, 2007

Источник: Robert Jordan

Brandon Sanderson

Infobox Writer
name = Brandon Sanderson

imagesize = 200px
caption = Sanderson at CONduit 17.
pseudonym =
birthname =
birthdate = December 1975 (age 32)
birthplace = Nebraska
deathdate =
deathplace =
occupation = writer, professorFact|date=August 2008
nationality = USA
period =
genre = fantasy
subject =
movement =
notableworks =
influences =
influenced =

website =

Brandon Sanderson (December 1975) is an American fantasy author. A Nebraska nativecite web|url=|publisher=Writertopia|title=Profile for Brandon Sanderson|accessdate=2006-08-10] cite web|url=|title=Famous Mormon Writers and Authors|accessdate=2006-08-10] , he currently resides in Provo, Utah. He earned his Master's degree in Creative Writing in 2005 from Brigham Young Universitycite web|url=|publisher=BYU Magazine|title=Winter 2006 Alumni Profiles Update|accessdate=2007-01-17] . He has been nominated twice for the John W. Campbell Award.cite web|url=|title=MWS: Brandon Sanderson|first=Kaimi|last=Wenger|date=2007-06-11|publisher=Times & Seasons|accessdate=2007-12-20]

Sanderson married on July 7, 2006cite web|url=|title=Newsletter, July 2006|accessdate=2006-08-10] and is a member of the LDS church. Sanderson's writing is noteworthy for its epic fantasy tone, unique settings, precision magic systems, and variety of charactersFact|date=February 2007.

Books by Sanderson


, "Elantris", is the story of the fallen city of the gods, the mystery that caused its downfall, and the actions of Prince Raoden, Princess Sarene, and Gyorn Hrathen. Struck down by the same plague that turned the gods into walking corpses, Prince Raoden of Arelon is imprisoned in the fallen city while his former subjects are told that he is dead. He strives to overcome the constant pain of his condition and build a meaningful life for himself and the fellow inhabitants of Elantris.

Mistborn series

Mistborn: The Final Empire

The first of a trilogy, "Mistborn: The Final Empire" follows a sixteen year old streetwise thief named Vin. Living in Luthadel, the capital city of the Final Empire, she ekes out a living by working with one of the many thieving crews that abound in the city. Kelsier is a well-to-do crew boss who is always thinking up extreme ways to make money off the noble class. After fate pulls them together, Kelsier must teach Vin how to harness the latent Mistborn abilities within her so that she can help him overthrow the Lord Ruler, who has ruled the Final Empire for over a thousand years. "Mistborn: The Final Empire" was released in July 2006.

Mistborn: The Well of Ascension

The second volume in the trilogy, "The Well of Ascension" Picks up one year after the first book ends. Vin is now acting as a bodyguard to Elend, who is now king over the Central Dominance with its capital in Luthadel. Kelsier, her mentor and friend, is now dead, having given his life to bring about the end of the Final Empire and its Lord Ruler. "Mistborn: The Well of Ascension" was released in August 2007. [cite web|url=|title=The Well of Ascension: Book two of Mistborn|accessdate=2007-05-24]

Mistborn: The Hero of Ages

This is the final volume in the trilogy, due for release in October 2008 [cite web|url=|title=Mistborn 3 Update|accessdate=2008-01-23] . Vin has released something which was held captive for over a thousand years. She now has to figure out how to recapture it, save Elend, and save the world in the process.

Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

"Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians" was released on October 2007 from Scholastic Press. [cite web|url=|title=Alcatraz Annotations|accessdate=2007-02-13] It is a young adult novel which tells the story of Alcatraz Smedry, a young teen who is always breaking things. After receiving a bag of sand for his thirteenth birthday, he stumbles into a strange set of events which begins with a group of librarians stealing his bag of sand, which turns out to be rather unusual sand. On June 2, 2008 Sanderson announced that an option to produce Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians had been purchased by Dreamworks Animation.

The Wheel of Time: A Memory of Light

After Robert Jordan's death, Brandon Sanderson was selected to complete the final book in the epic fantasy series "The Wheel of Time" by Harriet McDougal, Robert Jordan's wife. Harriet asked him to complete the series after being deeply impressed by Mistborn: The Final Empire. [ [ Dragonmount | An interview with Brandon Sanderson - December 8, 2007 ] ] Tor Books made the announcement December 7, 2007.cite web|url=|title="Tor announces that the final novel in bestselling Robert Jordan's legendary "Wheel of Time" fantasy series will be completed by author Brandon Sanderson"||date=2007-12-07|accessdate=2007-12-10] "A Memory of Light" is slated for publication in Fall 2009.

Other titles

The initial news of Sanderson's deal with Tor Books mentioned another book entitled "Way of Kings", though no release date for this book has been announced. Sanderson is also currently releasing a Creative Commons-licensed novel titled "Warbreaker" one chapter at a time [cite web|url=|title="Warbreaker"||accessdate=2006-08-10] Older drafts of the various chapters are also available.

Sanderson is also working on "Dark One" and "Way of Kings", though no release dates have been set.


External links

* [ Sanderson's personal website]
* [ Official forums]
* [ Download Warbreaker from]


* [ SFFWorld]
* []
* [] Podcast from
* [] re:Memory of Light

Источник: Brandon Sanderson

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