Книга: Ron Foster «The Prepper Reconstruction. A Apocalyptic Memory»

The Prepper Reconstruction. A Apocalyptic Memory

This book concludes the classic&34;&34;Prepper Trilogy&34;&34; and&34;Prepper Road Saga&34; ten years after a solar geomagnetic storm takes out the electrical grid and reduces the population by 90%. The prepper fellowship of the bugged out lake community survivors faces a dilemma they never expected until now. The few young adults still left in the little colony have decided they need to move on and make their own paths. Who will help cut the firewood and help break ground for next season&39;s crops so these prepper geriatrics don&39;t fall out with a heart attack or something trying to do it by themselves all by hand?This book contains two books Fades The Light and A Diary Of A Kudzu Salesman. The series continues the Prepper Trilogy showing the characters in their later years trying to reconstruct and survive in a post apocalyptic world:

Формат: 152x220мм, 414 стр.

ISBN: 9781365340079

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