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Heaven Sent Husband

Between her dedicated nursing at Mercy Hospital and plans to be a missionary in India, Ketura Lindsey had no time to think about marriage.But to follow God's plan, she had to acknowledge that love was part of His higher purpose for her life. Yet did He really intend her to find wedded bliss with her high school nemesis, Jared Pierce? Jared, the star of the baseball team, had hurt tall, gangly Ket with his teasing.Now an intern at Mercy, he was a constant presence in her heart and mind. But would Jared, who dated beauty queens, ever notice– let alone propose to – a plain Jane?

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781408964965

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Gilbert Morris

Gilbert Morris, (1929-) is a Christy Award winning, prolific Christian author. He is also sometimes cited as Gilbert L. Morris or Gilbert Leslie Morris.

Gilbert was born May 24 in Forrest City, Arkansas, the son of Osceola M. and Jewell Irene Gilbert Morris.

He was a pastor for 10 years before becoming Professor of English at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas. He has a Ph.D at the University of Arkansas. During the summers of 1984 and 1985, he did postgraduate work at the University of London.

He currently lives in Gulf Shores, Alabama with his wife, Johnnie. He has 3 children, including a daughter, Lynn Morris and a son, Alan Morris, who have both co-written with him. His other son's name is Eric Green.

Many of his books are published by Bethany House Publishers.

Books by Gilbert Morris

He has written many series, and co-authored books with others as well.

House of Winslow Series

This series chronicles the Winslow family from Gilbert, who was on the Mayflower, continuing on through American history. Learn about each family member as their faith grows in the book and share the romance and historical happenings that go along with their stories.

Published by Bethany House.

The first part of this series was originally published with one set of covers (starting in 1986), and then in 2004, they started republishing them all with a new set of covers. Everything from that point on (from "The Shining Badge" forward) was never published with the original design. The new covers do not feature a book number, but instead focus on the year the story took place.

# "The Honorable Imposter", 1986 - story of Gilbert Winslow in 1620
# "The Captive Bride", 1987 - story of Rachel Winslow in 1659
# "The Indentured Heart", 1988 - story of Adam Winslow in 1740
# "The Gentle Rebel", 1988 - story of Nathan Winslow in 1775
# "The Saintly Buccaneer", 1988 - story of Paul Winslow in 1777 (American Revolution)
# "The Holy Warrior", 1989 - story of Christmas Winslow in 1798
# "The Reluctant Bridegroom", 1990 - story of Sky Winslow in 1838
# "The Last Confederate", 1990 - story of Thad Novak and the Winslows in 1860 (Civil War)
# "The Dixie Widow", 1991 - story of Belle Winslow Wickham and Davis Winslow in 1862 (Civil War)
# "The Wounded Yankee", 1992 - story of Zack Winslow in 1862
# "The Union Belle", 1992 - story of Mark Winslow and Lola Montez in 1867
# "The Final Adversary", 1992 - story of Barney Winslow in 1894
# "The Crossed Sabres", 1993 - story of Thomas Winslow in 1875
# "The Valiant Gunman", 1993 - story of Dan Winslow in 1874
# "The Gallant Outlaw", 1994 - story of Lanie Winslow and Lobo Smith in 1890
# "The Jeweled Spur", 1994 - story of Laurie Winslow and Cody Rogers in 1883
# "The Yukon Queen", 1995 - story of Cassidy Winslow and Serena Stevens in 1896
# "The Rough Rider", 1995 - story of Aaron Winslow and his brother Lewis in 1893 (Rough riders in Cuba)
# "The Iron Lady", 1996 - story of cousins Esther, Ruth, and Priscilla Winslow in 1903
# "The Silver Star", 1997 - story of Priscilla Winslow in 1905
# "The Shadow Portrait", 1998 - story of cousins Peter and Phil Winslow in 1907
# "The White Hunter", 1999 - story of John Winslow (Africa) and Annie Rogers (Titanic) in 1912
# "The Flying Cavalier", 1999 - story of Lance Winslow in 1914 (France)
# "The Glorious Prodigal", 2000 - story of Stuart and Leah Winslow in 1917
# "The Amazon Quest", 2001 - story of Emily Winslow in 1918
# "The Golden Angel", 2001 - story of Erin Winslow in 1922
# "The Heavenly Fugitive", 2002 - story of siblings Phillip and Amelia Winslow in 1927
# "The Fiery Ring", 2002 - story of Joy Winslow in 1928
# "The Pilgrim Song", 2003 - story of Lewis and his daughter Hannah Winslow in 1929 (Great Depression)
# "The Beloved Enemy", 2003 - story of Joshua Winslow in 1931
# "The Shining Badge", 2004 - story of Jennifer Winslow in 1931
# "The Royal Handmaid", 2004 - story of Travis Winslow in 1935
# "The Silent Harp", 2004 - story of Sharon Winslow in 1935
# "The Virtuous Woman", 2005 - story of Grace Winslow in 1935
# "The Gypsy Moon", 2005 - story of Gabrielle Winslow in 1940
# "The Unlikely Allies", 2005 - story of Mallory Anne Winslow in 1940
# "The High Calling", 2006 - story of Katherine Winslow in 1940
# "The Hesitant Hero", 2006 - story of Tyler Winslow in 1940
# "The Widow's Choice", 2006 - story of Alona Winslow Jennings in 1941
# "The White Knight", 2007 - story of Luke Winslow in 1942

Appomattox Saga Series

Published by Tyndale House. Republished beginning in 2000 by Living Books.

# "A Covenant Of Love", 1992 - story of Clay Rocklin
# "Gate Of His Enemies", 1992 - story of Denton Rocklin
# "Where Honor Dwells", 1993 - story of Rachel Franklin
# "Land Of The Shadow", 1993 - story of Paul Bristol
# "Out Of The Whirlwind", 1994 - story of Burke Rocklin
# "The Shadow Of His Wings", 1994 - story of Lowell Rocklin
# "Wall Of Fire", 1995 - story of Allyn Griffeth Rocklin
# "Stars In Their Courses", 1995 - story of Frank Rocklin
# "Chariots In The Smoke", 1997 - story of David Rocklin
# "A Witness In Heaven", 1998 - story of Austin Bristol

Reno Western Saga

Published by Tyndale House.

This series was originally called "Jim Reno Westerns Series", and when the first four books were republished in 1992, they renamed the books and the series.

# "Reno", 1992 (originally "The Drifter", 1986)
# "Rimrock", 1992 (originally "The Deputy", 1986)
# "Ride The Wild River", 1992 (originally "The Runaway", 1987)
# "Boomtown", 1992 (originally "The Vigilante", 1988)
# "Valley Justice", 1995
# "Lone Wolf", 1995

Price of Liberty Series

Published by W Publishing Group. Co-written with Bobby Funderburk.

# "A Call To Honor", 1993
# "The Color Of The Star", 1993
# "All The Shining Young Men", 1993
# "The End Of Glory", 1993
# "A Silence In Heaven", 1993
# "A Time To Heal", 1994

Far Fields Series

Published by Stardust Publishers. Co-written with Bobby Funderbuck

# "Beyond the River", 1993
# "The Remnant", 1997

American Century Series

Published by Revell Publishers.

This set was originally called the American Odyssey Series. Each book has been renamed for a new publication beginning in 2005.

# "A Bright Tomorrow", 2005 (originally "A Time to be Born", 1994)
# "Hope Takes Flight", 2006 (originally "A Time to Die", 1994)
# "One Shining Moment", 2006 (originally "A Time to Laugh", 1995)
# "A Season of Dreams", 2007 (originally "A Time to Weep", 1996)
# "Winds of Change", 2007 (originally "A Time for War", 1997)
# "Pages of Promise", 2007 (originally "A Time to Build", 1998)
# "Dawn of a New Day", coming 2008 (this conclusion was not previously published)

Wakefield Dynasty Series

Published by Tyndale House Publishers.

# "The Sword Of Truth", 1994
# "The Winds Of God", 1994
# "The Shield Of Honor", 1995
# "The Fields Of Glory", 1995
# "The Ramparts Of Heaven", 1996
# "The Song Of Princes", 1997
# "A Gathering Of Eagles", 1998

Cheney Duvall, M.D. Series

This series was co-written with his daughter, Lynn Morris

Published by Bethany House: "A trailblazing woman of courage, Cheney Duvall graduates from the first American college to grant degrees to women physicians just as the Civil War ends. Long-standing prejudices have not dissipated, however, and she must prove herself time and again--testing her dedication and the faith that compels her."

# "The Stars for a Light", 1994
# "Shadow of the Mountains", 1994
# "A City Not Forsaken", 1995
# "Toward the Sunrising", 1996
# "Secret Place of Thunder", 1996
# "In The Twilight, In The Evening", 1997
# "Island of the Innocent", 1998
# "Driven With the Wind", 2000

Liberty Bell Series

Published by Bethany House.

# "Sound The Trumpet", 1995
# "Song In A Strange Land", 1996
# "Tread Upon The Lion", 1996
# "Arrow Of The Almighty", 1997
# "Wind From The Wilderness"1998
# "The Right Hand Of God", 1999
# "Command The Sun", 2000

Katy Steele Adventures

Published by Tyndale House Publishers. Co-written with his son, Alan Morris.

# "Tracks Of Deceit", 1996
# "Imperial Intrigue", 1996
# "Depths of Malice", 1997

Spirit Of Appalachia Series

This series was co-written with Aaron McCarver.

Published by Bethany House: "America's first frontier were the misty Appalachian Mountains and the men and women who braved their crossing needed all the faith, courage, and hope they could muster. This series brings together all the romance, excitement, and danger of early frontier life."

# "Over The Misty Mountains", 1996
# "Beyond The Quiet Hills", 1997
# "Among The King's Soldiers", 1998
# "Beneath The Mockingbird's Wings", 2000
# "Around The River's Bend", 2002

Chronicles Of The Golden Frontier Series

Published by Crossway Books, a division of Good News Publishers. Co-written with J. Landon Ferguson.

# "Riches Untold", 1998
# "Unseen Riches", 1999
# "Above The Clouds", 1999
# "The Silver Thread", 2000

Omega Trilogy

Published by Thomas Nelson. Co-written with his daughter and son, Lynn Morris & Alan Morris.

# "The Beginning Of Sorrows", 1999
# "Fallen Stars, Bitter Waters", 2000
# "Seven Golden Vials", never released

Dani Ross Mysteries

This series was originally known as the Danielle Ross Mysteries. It has been republished with new names by Crossway Books, a division of Good News Publishers, and also modernized to fit the 2000 world instead of the 80s.

# "One by One", 2000 (originally "Guilt by Association", 1991)
# "And Then There Were Two", 2000 (originally "The Final Curtain", 1991)
# "The End of Act Three", 2001
# "Four of a Kind", 2002

There were additional books in the original series, but no information about how they match up to the current series could be found:
* "Deadly Deception", 1992
* "The Quality of Mercy", 1993
* "Revenge at the Rodeo", 1993
* "Race with Death", 1994

Cheney and Shiloh: The Inheritance Series

This is a follow up series to Cheney Duvall, M.D. Also co-written with his daughter, Lynn Morris

Published by Bethany House: "Cheney Duvall is now married to Shiloh, but that doesn't mean life will get any easier. Shiloh's past continues to come back to haunt them, and the couple finds themselves swept up in adventure and excitement as they use their medical skills to help the needy."

# "Where Two Seas Met", 2001
# "The Moon By Night", 2004
# "There is a Season", 2005

Lions of Judah Series

Published by Bethany House: story of "...the Jewish ancestry of Jesus of Nazareth. ... an exciting series with riveting, action-packed adventures that will entertain, enlighten, and challenge readers to look anew at early heroes of the faith."

# "Heart of a Lion", 2002
# "No Woman So Fair", 2003
# "The Gate of Heaven", 2004
# "Till Shiloh Comes", 2005
# "By Way of the Wilderness", 2005
# "Daughter of Deliverance", 2006

Lonestar Legacy Series

Published by Integrity Publishers, a division of Thomas Nelson. More on this series is available under Lonestar Legacy.

# "Deep in the Heart", 2003
# "The Yellow Rose", 2004
# "The Eyes of Texas", 2005

The Creole Series

Published by Thomas Nelson. Co-written with Lynn Morris.
# "The Exiles", 2003 (also called "The Exiles: Chantel")
# "The Immortelles", 2004 (also called "The Immortelles: Damita")
# "The Alchemy", 2004 (also called "The Alchemy: Simone")
# "The Tapestry", 2005 (also called "The Tapastry: Leonie")

Singing River Series

Published by Zondervan Publishers.

# "The Homeplace", 2005
# "The Dream", 2006
# "The Miracle", 2007
# "The Courtship", 2007

Jacques & Cleo, Cat Detectives

Published by Harvest House: "For those that love cats--and suspense in the same book, this one is for you."

# "What the Cat Dragged In", 2007
# "The Cat's Pajamas", 2007
# "When the Cat's Away", 2007

Wagon Wheel Series

Published by Broadman Holman (B&H Books)

# "Santa Fe Woman", 2006
# "A Man for Temperance", 2007
# "Joelle's Secret", coming November 2008

Lady Trent Mysteries

Published by Thomas Nelson

# "The Mermaid in the Basement", 2007
# "A Conspiracy of Ravens", 2008
# "Sonnet to a Dead Contessa", coming Summer 2009

Youth Fiction

Standalone Youth Fiction:
* "Journey to Freedom", 2000 - published by Crossway Books, a division of Good News Publishers.
* "Captain Chip and the March to Victory", 1994 - published by Moody Publishers
* "Corporal Chip and the Call to Battle", 1994 - published by Moody Publishers

Barney Buck Series

Published by Tyndale House.

# "Barney Buck and the Buck of Goober Holler", 1985
# "Barney Buck and the flying solar-cycle", 1985
# "Barney Buck and the Kamikaze Charger", 1985
# "Barney Buck and the Rough Rider Special", 1985

Seven Sleepers series

Published by Moody Publishers. More on this series is available under The Seven Sleepers (series).

# "Flight of the Eagles", 1994
# "The Gates of Neptune", 1994
# "The Sword of Camelot", 1995
# "The Caves that Time Forgot", 1995
# "Winged Raiders of the Desert", 1995
# "Empress of the Underworld", 1996
# "Voyage of the Dolphin", 1996
# "Attack of the Amazons", 1997
# "Escape with the Dream Maker", 1997
# "The Final Kingdom", 1997

Bonnets And Bugles Series

Published by Moody Publishers.

# "Drummer Boy At Bull Bun", 1995
# "Yankee Belles in Dixie", 1995
# "The Secret of Richmond Manor", 1995
# "The Soldier Boy's Discovery", 1995
# "Blockade Runner", 1996
# "The Gallant Boys of Gettysburg", 1996
# "The Battle of Lookout Mountain", 1996
# "Encounter At Cold Harbor", 1997
# "Fire Over Atlanta", 1997
# "Bring the Boys Home", 1997

Time Navigators Series

Published by Bethany House.

# "The Dangerous Voyage", 1995
# "Vanishing Clues", 1996
# "Race Against Time", 1997

Dixie Morris Animal Adventures

Published by Moody Publishers.

# "Dixie and Jumbo", 1998
# "Dixie and Stripes", 1998
# "Dixie and Dolly", 1998
# "Dixie and Sandy", 1998
# "Dixie and Ivan", 1998
# "Dixie and Bandit", 1998
# "Dixie and Champ", 1999
# "Dixie and Perry", 1999
# "Dixie and Blizzard", 1999
# "Dixie and Flash", 1999

Daystar Voyages Series

Published by Moody Publishers and co-written by Dan Meeks.

# "Secret of the Planet Makon", 1998
# "Wizards of the Galaxy", 1998
# "Escape from the Red Comet", 1998
# "Dark Spell Over Morlandria", 1998
# "Revenge of the Space Pirate", 1998
# "Invasion of the Killer Locusts", 1999
# "Dangers of the Rainbow Nebula", 1999
# "The Frozen Space Pilot", 1999
# "The White Dragon of Sharnu", 2000
# "Attack of the Denebian Starship", 2000

Too Smart Jones Series

Published by Moody Publishers.

# "Too Smart Jones and the Buried Jewels", 1999
# "Too Smart Jones and the Disappearing Dogs", 1999
# "Too Smart Jones and the Pool Party Thief", 1999
# "Too Smart Jones and the Cat's Secret", 2000
# "Too Smart Jones and the Dangerous Woman", 2000
# "Too Smart Jones and the Mysterious Artist", 2000
# "Too Smart Jones and the Spooky Mountain", (2000
# "Too Smart Jones and the Stolen Bicycle", 2000
# "Too Smart Jones and the Stranger in the Cave", 2000
# "Too Smart Jones and the Wilderness Mystery", 2000

Seven Sleeper: The Lost Chronicles Series

Published by Moody Publishers.

A follow up series to the Seven Sleepers Series.

# "City of the Cyborgs", 2000
# "The Savage Game of Lord Zarak", 2000
# "The Spell of the Crystal Chair", 2000
# "The Strange Creatures of Dr. Korbo", 2000
# "The Temptation of Pleasure Island", 2000
# "The Terrible Beast of Zor", 2000
# "The Victims of Nimbo", 2000

Adventures of Kerrigan Kids Series

Published by Moody Publishers.

# "Painted Warriors and Wild Lions: Travel in Africa" (2001)
# "Buckingham Palace and the Crown Jewels: Travel in England" (2001)
# "Kangaroos and the Outback: Travel in Australia" (2001)
# "Nine-Story Pagodas and Double Decker Buses: Travel in Hong Kong" (2001)

tandalone Novels

* "Delaney", 1984 - published by Tyndale House
* "All That Glitters", 1999 - published by Crossway Books, a division of Good News Publishers.
* "Through A Glass Darkly", 1999 - published by Bethany House
* "Jacob's Way", 2001 - published by Zondervan
* "Edge Of Honor", 2001 - published by Zondervan.
** Winner of the 2001 Christy Award for North American Historical.
* "Jordan's Star", 2002 - published by Zondervan.
* "The Spider Catcher", 2003 - published by Zondervan.
* "God's Handmaiden", 2004 - published by Zondervan.
* "Charade", 2005 - published by Zondervan.
* "Heaven Sent Husband", 2005 - published by Steeple Hill Books
* "The Angel Of Bastogne", 2005 - published by Broadman Holman (B&H Books)


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External links

* [http://www.zondervan.com/Cultures/en-US/Authors/Author.htm?ContributorID=MorrisG&QueryStringSite=Zondervan Zondervan: Gilbert Morris]
* [http://www.thomasnelson.com/consumer/authordetail.asp?creatorid=1118 Thomas Nelson Publishers: Gilbert Morris]
* [http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/m/gilbert-l-morris/ Fantastic Fiction: Gilbert L. Morris]

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