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Leadership Language. Using Authentic Communication to Drive Results

The only language you need to know to change your results. Inside each of us is a vision of how things could be. Yet most people remain frustrated by a lack of impact, unable to connect and inspire the people they care about the most. Why? There’s a language we understand, but rarely use. A language that’s sincere. Powerful. Compelling. A language of words—and actions—that can’t be denied. Leadership Language will help you to peel back the ineffective “business speak”, so you can change the conversation. And change your results. Imagine what could happen when you replace frustration with an irresistible vision—for yourself, your team and your organization. Today’s leaders face so many challenges—employee retention, operational efficiency, culture, collaboration, leading across generations, and more—but communication is at the heart of every one of those issues. A clear message with a powerful delivery gets you halfway home. Honing in on your next conversation can drive more impact, better relationships, and greater overall effectiveness. For yourself. Your career. Your company. They say there’s nothing that can stop an idea whose time has come. So, take the lead. It’s time for you to create what’s missing. And Leadership Language will show you how. Get clear on your vision, get aligned with your story, and get others engaged with your message Connect with the people that matter most, in a way that invites innovation and new outcomes Find the courage to move forward, conquer change, and create powerful impact—while you help others do the same From student leaders to the C-suite, there is only one way for a leader to make an impact: communication. Leadership Language is your personal guide to mastering critical skills and unveiling your authentic potential.

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ISBN: 9781119523321

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Chris Westfall

Chris Westfall is an American motivational speaker, entrepreneur and author from Dallas, TX, best known as the national elevator pitch champion. According to former Kodak CMO and “Celebrity Apprentice” guest star, Jeffrey W. Hayzlett, Westfall has the best two-minute speech in the USA. In his book, "The Mirror Test",[1] Hayzlett says that the new elevator speech is 118 seconds long – about the length of the average elevator ride in New York City. Westfall was recognized as the grand prize winner of the elevator pitch competition in February 2011.[2] Westfall has appeared on CNN, ABC NEWS, NBC-TV, and has worked in broadcast for some of the largest companies in the world.[3] His first book will be published by Greenleaf in 2012.

Currently, Westfall is the owner of Westfall & Associates LLC and Your Online Video[4]], a Dallas-based video production company. He is a featured keynote speaker for Hewlett Packard (NYSE: HP)[5] where he aids international sales executives with advanced leadership strategies.

Westfall began his career with a series of progressive marketing and sales responsibilities at Fortune 100 companies(Verizon and AT&T).[6] He also led international branding efforts at TIGI International,[7] a division of Unilever, where he led key aspect of the company's marketing. As an executive at AMX Corporation, he built sales teams from scratch while managing marquee partnerships with Hilton, Hyatt, MGM Mirage and Starwood. Westfall has built and led sales teams from scratch, and spearheaded the introduction of innovative new software and hardware product solutions.[8] He later ran worldwide sales and marketing for NuVo Technologies, a Cincinnati-based manufacturer of home audio solutions.[9][10]

Chris Westfall obtained his undergraduate degree from Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, TX. He received his Master in Business Administration from Texas Christian University (TCU), recognized by the Princeton Review as the top school in the nation for developing strong business communications skills,[11] where he graduated with honors. He has been recognized with a top teaching award for his work with MBA students at the top-10 MBA program at Southern Methodist University.[12] TCU has honored him as the "Communicator of the Year".[13] Originally from Chicago, Westfall resides in Dallas with his wife and two daughters, and is an avid supporter of the performing arts.


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