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Mann's Pharmacovigilance

Highly Commended at the BMA Medical Book Awards 2015 Mann’s Pharmacovigilance is the definitive reference for the science of detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of the adverse effects of medicines, including vaccines and biologics. Pharmacovigilance is increasingly important in improving drug safety for patients and reducing risk withinthe practice of pharmaceutical medicine. This new third edition covers the regulatory basis and the practice of pharmacovigilance and spontaneous adverse event reporting throughout the world. It examines signal detection and analysis, including the use of population-based databases and pharmacoepidemiological methodologies to proactively monitor for and assess safety signals. It includes chapters on drug safety practice in specific organ classes, special populations and special products, and new developments in the field. From an international team of expert editors and contributors, Mann’sPharmacovigilance is a reference for everyone working within pharmaceutical companies, contract research organisations and medicine regulatory agencies, and for all researchers and students of pharmaceutical medicine. The book has been renamed in honor of Professor Ronald Mann, whose vision and leadership brought the first two editions into being, and who dedicated his long career to improving the safety and safe use of medicines.

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9781118820179

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Nicholas Moore

Nicholas Moore (16 November 1918 – 26 January 1986) was an English poet, associated with the New Apocalyptics in the 1940s, who later dropped out of the literary world.

Moore was born in Cambridge, England; his father was the philosopher G. E. Moore.[1] He was educated at the Dragon School in Oxford, Leighton Park School in Reading, the University of St Andrews in Scotland, and Trinity College in Cambridge. Moore published a literary review, Seven (1938–1940), while still an undergraduate (Seven, Magazine of People's Writing, with a complex later history: he edited it with John Goodland; it later appeared edited by Gordon Cruikshank, and then Sydney D. Tremayne, after Randall Swingler bought it in 1941 from Philip O'Connor).

While in Cambridge he became closely involved with literary London, in particular Tambimuttu. He published pamphlets under the Poetry London imprint in 1941 (of George Scurfield, G. S. Fraser, Anne Ridler and his own work). This led to Moore becoming Tambimuttu's assistant. He later worked for the Grey Walls Press.

The Glass Tower, a selected poems collection from 1944, appeared with illustrations by Lucian Freud. Later he encountered difficulty publishing; he was in the unusual position for a British poet of having a higher reputation in the USA. His association with the 'romantics' of the 1940s was in fact rather an inaccurate reflection of his style.

In the 1950s he worked as a gardener, writing a book The tall bearded iris (1956). In 1968 he entered 31 separate pseudonymous translations of a single Baudelaire poem, in a competition for the Sunday Times, run by George Steiner. This work was eventually published, as Spleen; it is also available online.[2]

Longings of the Acrobats, a selected poems volume, was edited by Peter Riley and published 1990 by Carcanet Press. An interview with Riley concerning Moore's rediscovery and later years appears as a documentary element within the "Guilty River" chapter of Iain Sinclair's novel Downriver.


  • A Wish in Season (1941)
  • The Island and the Cattle (1941)
  • A Book for Priscilla (1941)
  • Buzzing around with a Bee (1941)
  • The Cabaret, the Dancer, the Gentlemen (1942)
  • The Glass Tower (1944)
  • Thirty-Five Anonymous Odes (published anonymously, 1944)
  • The War of the Little Jersey Cows (published under the pseudonym "Guy Kelly", 1945)
  • The Anonymous Elegies and other poems (published anonymously, 1945)
  • Recollections of the Gala: Selected Poems 1943-48 (1950)
  • The Tall Bearded Iris (1956)
  • Anxious To Please (1968) (published under the pseudonym (anagram) "Romeo Anschilo", 1995 by Oasis Books)
  • Identity (1969)
  • Resolution and Identity (1970)
  • Spleen (1973)
  • Lacrimae Rerum (1988)
  • Longings of the Acrobats: Selected Poems (1990)


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