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Pre-Clinical Dental Skills at a Glance

Pre-Clinical Dental Skills at a Glance provides a comprehensive and accessible guide to the basic operative skills and core clinical skills required of those about to embark on dental clinical training. It serves as the perfect illustrated introduction for pre-clinical students and a handy revision guide for subsequent undergraduate and postgraduate stages. Following the familiar, easy-to-use At a Glance format, each topic is presented as a double-page spread with text accompanied by clear colour diagrams and clinical photographs to support conceptual understanding. Pre-Clinical Dental Skills at a Glance is a valuable resource for students studying dentistry, dental hygiene, dental therapy or dental nursing, as well as skills-based assessments such as the Overseas Registration Exam or the Licence in Dental Surgery. Key features include: An illustrated introduction to the dental clinical environment, basic operative skills and core clinical skills Key concepts are explained and superbly illustrated enabling you to visualise the intended clinical endpoint Core clinical skills covered include controlling cross-infection, giving and receiving effective feedback, history taking and communication skills A companion website with self-assessment questions for students and teaching notes for instructors

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ISBN: 9781118766651

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James Field

Infobox Person
name= James Field
birth_date= c.1714
birth_place= Dublin, Ireland
death_date= death date|1751|2|11|df=y
death_place=London, England
occupation= Boxer, sailor, criminal

James Field (c.1714 – 11 February 1751) was a sailor and boxer in England in the 18th century who was hanged for robbery.

He was born in Dublin, and spent most of his early life involved in petty crime. His criminal record meant that in Ireland he spent most of his time on the run, so he moved to London. There he continued his life of crime, becoming well-known in the underworld. Wanted for various robberies he avoided capture by going to sea, working as a sailor on merchantmen and as a privateer. When he returned in London, he became renowned as a boxer. He lived and worked at a pub called "The Fox" in Drury Lane. He returned to Ireland briefly when things became too hot for him in London, but returned soon afterwards. Although there were several warrants for his arrest the constables were afraid of him and rather than acting on the warrants when they saw him, they would pretend not to recognize him and pass by. [cite book|title=The London Hanged: Crime and Civil Society in the Eighteenth Century|author=Peter Linebaugh|publisher=Verso|date=2003|pages=492|id=ISBN 1859846386] cite web|url=http://www.oldbaileyonline.org/html_oams/oa17510211.html#t17510116-5|title= Ordinary's Account, sessions date: 16th January, 1751. Execution date: 11th February, 1751|author=John Taylor|publisher=Old Bailey|firstdate=1751|date=2005|accessmonthday=22 January|accessyear=2007]

He was eventually surprised at "The Fox", overwhelmed, and arrested for theft with violence and highway robbery. He was tried before Henry Fielding on 16 January 1751.cite book|title=Hogarth: Art and Politics, 1750-64 Vol 3|author=Ronald Paulson|pages=596|publisher=Lutterworth Press|date=1993|id=ISBN 0718828755] He and three other men were accused of beating and robbing a man and his wife on 24 May 1750 and, despite a number of witnesses supplying Field with various alibis, he was recognized by his size and bulk. James Eklin, who had been a member of the group who had committed the crime, gave evidence against Field. He was found guilty and Fielding sentenced him to death. [cite web|url=http://www.oldbaileyonline.org/html_units/1750s/t17510116-5.html|title=James Field, theft with violence : highway robbery, 16th January, 1751|publisher=Old Bailey|date=2005|accessmonthday=22 January|accessyear=2007] He was hanged at Tyburn on 11 February 1751, aged 37.cite book|title=From Hogarth to Rowlandson: Medicine in Art in Eighteenth-century Britain|author=Fiona Haslam|publisher=Liverpool University Press|date=1996 | location=Liverpool|pages=264–5|id=ISBN 0853236305]

His skeleton features in the dissection theatre in William Hogarth's "Reward of Cruelty", one of the series "The Four Stages of Cruelty". Field's name makes an earlier appearance in the series of prints, in "Second Stage of Cruelty" a poster announcing a boxing match features his name.


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