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Wound Healing. Stem Cells Repair and Restorations, Basic and Clinical Aspects

A comprehensive resource on the recent developments of stem cell use in wound healing With contributions from experts in the field, Wound Healing offers a thorough review of the most recent findings on the use of stem cells to heal wounds. This important resource covers both the basic and translational aspects of the field. The contributors reveal the great progress that has been made in recent years and explore a wide range of topics from an overview of the stem cell process in wound repair to inflammation and cancer. They offer a better understanding of the identities of skin stem cells as well as the signals that govern their behavior that contributes to the development of improved therapies for scarring and poorly healing wounds. Comprehensive in scope, this authoritative resource covers a wealth of topics such as: an overview of stem cell regeneration and repair, wound healing and cutaneous wound healing, the role of bone marrow derived stems cells, inflammation in wound repair, role and function of inflammation in wound repair, and much more. This vital resource: Provides a comprehensive overview of stem cell use in wound healing, including both the basic and translational aspects of the field Covers recent developments and emerging subtopics within the field Offers an invaluable resource to clinical and basic researchers who are interested in wound healing, stem cells, and regenerative medicine Contains contributions from leading experts in the field of wound healing and care Wound Healing offers clinical researchers and academics a much-needed resource written by noted experts in the field that explores the role of stem cells in the repair and restoration of healing wounds.

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Kursad Turksen

Kursad Turksen, PhD, is a senior scientist in chronic disease at Ottawa Health Research Institute and an assistant professor, biochemistry, University of Ottawa. Dr. Turksen is also the editor-in-chief for the journal Stem Cell Reviews, published by Humana Press, and is an executive board member for Springer Protocols, an online database of research protocols published by Springer Science+Business Media. Dr. Turksen studies skin cells at the molecular level hoping to develop new treatments for skin conditions, wounds, burns, and genetic skin diseases.

Research areas

He and his team co-discovered a molecule called claudin-6 which plays an important role in the development and function of skin cells [ [http://www.zoominfo.com/people/Turksen_Kursad_282105987.aspx Kursad Turksen biography on Zoominfo] , Accessed July 17, 2008.] Turksen's recent research centers on the study of stem cells, including how growth factors regulate the commitment of epidermal progenitors in the differentiating embryonic stem (R1) cells, and identifying and characterizing genes that determine the pathway leading from very early progenitors (K8-positive) to late epidermal progenitors (K5/K14-positive), using the gene trap and differential display techniques [ [http://www.ohri.ca/profiles/turksen.asp Kursad Turksen researcher biography at Ottawa Health Research Institute] , Accessed July 15, 2008] .

Published research

Dr. Turksen's research has been published in numerous research journals, including the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Molecular Biotechnology, and Gene Expression Patterns. Dr. Turksen is also the editor of numerous stem cell books, including three recent volumns in the book series Methods in Molecular Biology: "Embryonic Stem Cell Protocols Volume I: Isolation And Characterization", "Embryonic Stem Cell Protocols Volume II: Differentiation Models", and "Human Embryonic Stem Cell Protocols" [ [http://www.ohri.ca/profiles/turksen.asp Kursad Turksen researcher biography at Ottawa Health Research Institute] , Accessed July 15, 2008] .

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