Электронная книга: Stephan Schulz «An Introduction to TTCN-3»

An Introduction to TTCN-3

This unique book provides a fully revised and up-to-date treatment of the TTCN-3 language TTCN-3 is an internationally standardised test language with a powerful textual syntax which has established itself as a global, universal testing language. Application of TTCN-3 has been widened beyond telecommunication systems to areas such as the automotive industry, internet protocols, railway signalling, medical systems, and avionics. An Introduction to TTCN-3 gives a solid introduction to the TTCN-3 language and its uses, guiding readers though the TTCN-3 standards, methodologies and tools with examples and advice based on the authors'extensive real-world experience. All the important concepts and constructs of the language are explained in a step-by-step, tutorial style, and the authors relate the testing language to the overall test system implementation, giving the bigger picture. This second edition of the book has been updated and revised to cover the additions, changes and extensions to the TTCN-3 language since the first version was published. In addition, this book provides new material on the use of XML, test framework design and LTE testing with TTCN-3. Key Features: Provides a fully revised and up-to-date look at the TTCN-3 language Addresses language standardization, tool implementation and applying TTCN-3 in real world scenarios such as VoIP and LTE testing Explores recent advances such as TTCN-3 core language extensions on type parameterization, behavior types, real time and performance testing Introduces the use of ASN.1 and XML with TTCN-3 Written by experts in the field Includes an accompanying website containing code samples and links to the relevant standards documents (www.wiley.com/go/willcock_ttcn-3_2e) This book is an ideal reference for test engineers, software developers, and standards professionals. Graduate students studying telecommunications and software engineering will also find this book insightful.

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9780470977910

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Stephan Schulz

name = Stephan Schulz

image_width= 200px
caption = Stephan Schulz
residence = Germany
nationality = German
field = Computer Technology
known_for = E equational theorem prover

Stephan Schulz is a German computer scientist working in the field of automated reasoning. He is best known for the development of the high performance E equational theorem prover which has won the CNF division of the [http://www.cs.miami.edu/~tptp/CASC/17/WWWResults/ResultsSummary.html#MIXProblems CASC-17 competition] , and has been among the strongest systems in the [http://www.cs.miami.edu/~tptp/CASC/ CASC competition] for several years (coming second in the [http://www.cs.miami.edu/~tptp/CASC/J4/WWWFiles/DivisionSummary.html FOF division of CASC in 2008] . In 2002, Schulz was recognized for the best paper by FLAIRScite journal|date=2002-12|title=Flairs 2002 Conference Report|journal=AI Magazine|url=http://www.accessmylibrary.com/coms2/summary_0286-27024342_ITM] and has been published in his field. [cite web|url=http://www.informatik.uni-trier.de/~ley/db/indices/a-tree/s/Schulz:Stephan.html|title=DBLP Bibliography |publisher=Universitat Trier|accessdate=2008-09-16]


External links

* [http://www4.informatik.tu-muenchen.de/~schulz/ Stephan Schulz home page]
* [http://www.informatik.uni-trier.de/~ley/db/indices/a-tree/s/Schulz:Stephan.html Stephan Schulz publications at DBLP]

Источник: Stephan Schulz

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