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Multi-armed Bandit Allocation Indices

In 1989 the first edition of this book set out Gittins'pioneering index solution to the multi-armed bandit problem and his subsequent investigation of a wide of sequential resource allocation and stochastic scheduling problems. Since then there has been a remarkable flowering of new insights, generalizations and applications, to which Glazebrook and Weber have made major contributions. This second edition brings the story up to date. There are new chapters on the achievable region approach to stochastic optimization problems, the construction of performance bounds for suboptimal policies, Whittle's restless bandits, and the use of Lagrangian relaxation in the construction and evaluation of index policies. Some of the many varied proofs of the index theorem are discussed along with the insights that they provide. Many contemporary applications are surveyed, and over 150 new references are included. Over the past 40 years the Gittins index has helped theoreticians and practitioners to address a huge variety of problems within chemometrics, economics, engineering, numerical analysis, operational research, probability, statistics and website design. This new edition will be an important resource for others wishing to use this approach.

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9780470980040

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Richard Weber

Richard Weber M.S.M. (born June 9, 1959 in Edmonton, Alberta) is a world-renowned Canadian Arctic and polar adventurer. From 1978 to 2006, he participated in, lead and organized more than 45 Arctic expeditions. Richard is the only person to have completed six full North Pole expeditions. He has therefore trekked to the North Pole more than anyone in history.

Richard comes from a family of dedicated cross country skiers. He started skiing at the age of two and competing at six. He became a member of Canada's National Cross-Country Ski Team in 1977 and represented Canada in World Championships in 1977, 1979, 1982 and 1985. He retired from cross-country skiing in 1985 (with twenty national titles) and has since been dedicated to polar & Arctic expeditions. Through the years, Richard has collected several firsts:

* In 1986, along with teammate Brent Boddy, became the first Canadian to reach the North Pole on foot.
* In 1988, became the first person to reach the North Pole from both sides of the Arctic Ocean.
* In 1989, became the first person to accurately stand at the Geographic North Pole (first GPS to register "90" north).
* In 1992, with companion Dr. Mikhail (Misha) Malakhov, became the first attempt to reach the North Pole with no outside help.
* In 1995, Richard and Misha's expedition became the first unsupported expedition to reach the North Pole and return to land. The achievement has not yet been repeated.
* In 2006, with Conrad Dickinson, became the first to trek to the North Pole using snowshoes exclusively.

Together with his wife, Josée Auclair, and their two sons, Tessum and Nansen, Richard operates Arctic Watch, Canada’s most northerly lodge located in Cunningham Inlet on Somerset Island in Nunavut. Through their company, Canadian Arctic Holidays, they also outfit, organize, and lead Arctic expeditions and adventure trips, some of them to the Poles.


* Bachelor degree in mechanical engineer from the University of Vermont

Major North Pole Expeditions


What has been said about Richard

* "To my mind Richard Weber and Misha Malakhov are the greatest of all Arctic travellers. Their 1995 North Pole return journey was the most difficult polar challenge ever achieved." (Sir Ranulph Fiennes)

* "The Arctic is a very challenging terrain and in order to face it you need to be with the right people. There are no two better people in the world to be with than Mikhail Malakhov and Richard Weber. They are the best." (Robert Swan)

* "When I first heard that Weber and Malakhov were attempting this trip, I said, 'It's impossible. They can't do it; no one can do it.'" (Will Steger)

* "Above all, Richard got us there and was the best leader we could have possibly had - and the most skilled person on the ice in the World." (Adrian Hayes, 2007 North Pole expedition)

Published Books

External links

* Cross-country skiing
** [http://www.skimuseum.ca/biodata.php?lang=en&id=128 Canadian Ski Museum - Hall of Fame]

*Arctic Watch
** [http://www.canadianarcticholidays.ca/ Canadian Arctic Holidays Website]
** [http://www.canadiangeographic.ca/travel/travel_magazine/summer_2007/somerset_island.asp Beluga Haven]

* 2007 North Pole Expedition
** [http://adrianhayes.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=18&Itemid=37 North Pole Quest 2007]
** [http://www.thepoles.com/news.php?id=16008 Richard Weber’s debrief: Thoughts on North Pole treks in the age of global warming]

* 2006 North Pole Expedition
** [http://www.northpoleclassic.com/ North Pole Classic 2006 Website]
** [http://www.thepoles.com/news.php?id=10221 Thepoles.com : This is not the Arctic I saw 20 years ago]
** [http://www.cccski.com/main.asp?cmd=doc&ID=3959&lan=0 Cross-country Canada Website - Richard Weber completes another record Arctic trek]
** [http://www.cccski.com/main.asp?cmd=doc&ID=3956&lan=0 Cross-country Canada Website - Pair on track for North Pole record]

* 1995 North Pole Expedition
** [http://archives.cbc.ca/IDC-1-75-2263-13462-10/on_this_day/science_technology/twt CBC Radio Archives : Pair pulls off polar adventure - June 15, 1995 ]
** [http://outside.away.com/outside/magazine/0995/9di_ice.html Outside magazine : Expeditions - The Iceman Conquereth]

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