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Holographic Data Storage. From Theory to Practical Systems

Holographic Data Storage: From Theory to Practical Systems is a primer on the design and building of a holographic data storage system covering the physics, Servo, Data Channel, Recording Materials, and optics behind holographic storage, the requirements of a functioning system, and its integration into«real-life» systems. Later chapters highlight recent developments in holographic storage which have enabled readiness for commercial implementation and discuss the general outlook for the technology, including the transition from professional to consumer markets and the possibilities for mass reproduction.

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9780470666548

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William Wilson

William Wilson (or variations such as Bill or Willie) may refer to:



UK politics

  • Bill Wilson (Scottish politician) (born 1963 as William L. Wilson), Scottish nationalist
  • William Wilson (1720–1796), British Member of Parliament for Ilchester, 1761–1768
  • William Wilson (Labour politician) (1913–2010), British Labour Member of Parliament, 1964–1983
  • William Wilson (Donegal MP) (1836–1876), MP for Donegal 1876–1879
  • William Tyson Wilson (1855–1921), British trade unionist and Member of Parliament for Westhoughton

United States politics

  • Bill Wilson (activist) (born 1953), Washington-based activist
  • Bill Wilson (Montana politician) (born 1961), Montana State Representative
  • Will Wilson (1912–2005), American politician, attorney, and judge in Texas
  • William Wilson (Ohio politician) (1773–1827), U.S. Representative from Ohio
  • William Wilson (Pennsylvania), U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania, 1815–1819
  • William A. Wilson (1914–2009), first U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See
  • William Bauchop Wilson (1862–1934), U.S. (Scottish-born) labor leader and political figure
  • William C. Wilson (New York politician), New York comptroller in 1906
  • William E. Wilson (1870–1948), U.S. Representative from Indiana
  • William H. Wilson (1877–1937), U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania, 1935–1937
  • William Lyne Wilson (1843–1900), United States Postmaster General
  • William Sydney Wilson (1816–1862), prominent Confederate politician
  • William Warfield Wilson (1868–1942), U.S. Representative from Illinois
  • W. Eugene Wilson, former Republican member of the North Carolina General Assembly

Canadian politics


  • Bill Wilson (footballer) (1924–1969), Australian rules footballer
  • Bill Wilson (pitcher) (1942–1993), MLB pitcher
  • Bill Wilson (catcher) (1867–1924), MLB catcher
  • Bill Wilson (outfielder) (1928- ), MLB outfielder
  • Billy Wilson (rugby league) (1927–1993), Australian rugby league footballer
  • Billy Wilson (American football) (1927–2009), NFL wide receiver
  • William Wilson (aquatics) (1844–1912), Scottish writer on swimming, and the inventor of water polo
  • William Wilson (Australian sportsman) (1909–1976), Australian cricketer and Australian rules footballer
  • William Wilson (footballer), English soccer player
  • William Wilson (goalkeeper) (born 1921), Scottish football goalkeeper for Queen of the South F.C. and Clyde F.C.
  • William George Wilson (1917–2007), Sports cinematographer
  • Willie Wilson (baseball) (born 1955), American baseball outfielder
  • Willie Wilson (footballer), Scottish soccer player
  • Willy Wilson (born 1980), Filipino basketball player
  • Willy Wilson (baseball) (1884-1925), baseball player
  • Mookie Wilson (William Hayward Wilson, born 1956), MLB outfielder
  • Mutt Wilson (William Clarence Wilson, 1896–1962), MLB pitcher



  • William Wilson (Medal of Honor) (1847–1895), noted for being one of only nineteen individuals to receive the Medal of Honor twice
  • William Othello Wilson (1867–1928), member of the US Army's 9th Cavalry, and recipient of the Medal of Honor



  • Bill Wilson (pastor) (born 1947), president and founder of Metro Ministries International
  • William C. Wilson (1866–1915), General Superintendent of the Church of the Nazarene
  • Willie Wilson (minister), Baptist minister and candidate for mayor of Washington, D.C.
  • William Wilson (bishop) (1806–1888), Anglican bishop in Scotland


  • William Wilson, lead singer of Legion Within, a gothic industrial rock band founded in 2000
  • William Llewellyn Wilson, conductor, musician, teacher and music educator from Baltimore
  • William Wilson, song by The Smithereens from their 1989 album 11
  • Willie Wilson, jazz trombonist, recorded with Freddie Hubbard and Duke Pearson, died young in 1963


  • William Wilson (poet) (1801–1860), Scottish-American poet, bookseller and publisher
  • William E. Wilson (writer) (1906–1988), American author and professor
  • William Scott Wilson (born 1944), author and translator of samurai literature


  • Bill Wilson (convict), convicted of murdering two individuals who were later found alive
  • William Edward Wilson (astronomer) (1851–1908), Irish astronomer.
  • Bill W. (William Griffith Wilson, 1895–1971), co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • William (Amos) Wilson (1762–1821), folklore figure of southeastern and south-central Pennsylvania, often referred to as The Pennsylvania Hermit
  • Edward Adrian Wilson (aka Bill Wilson, 1872–1912), Antarctic explorer
  • William James Erasmus Wilson (1809–1884), physician and surgeon
  • William Proctor Wilson (1921–2010), former president of Buttrick Publishing Company
  • William Roy Wilson, Jr. (born 1939), United States federal judge
  • William Wilson (engineer), first locomotive driver in Germany, railway pioneer
  • William Wilson (physicist) (1887–1948), recipient of the IEEE Medal of Honor in 1943
  • William Wilson (businessman), chairman of Aston Martin, 1972–1975
  • Bill Wilson, founder of US firearms manufacturer Wilson Combat

In fiction

  • "William Wilson" (short story) by Edgar Allan Poe
  • Wilson the Wonder Athlete, a character in British story and comic papers published by D.C. Thomson

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