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Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis

Praise for the previous editions«An excellent text . . . will no doubt provide the benchmark for comparative works for many years.» —Journal of the American Chemical Society «An excellent state-of-the-art compilation of catalytic asymmetric chemistry . . . should be included in any chemistry reference collection.» —Choice«This is a tremendous resource and an excellent read. I recommend immediate purchase.» —Perkin Transactions Since this important work was first published in 1993, the field of catalytic asymmetric synthesis has grown explosively, spawning effective new methods for obtaining enantiomerically purecompounds on a large scale and stimulating new applications in diverse fields—from medicine to materials science. Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis, Third Edition addresses these rapid changes through contributions from highly recognized world leaders in the field. This seminal text presents detailed accounts of the most important catalytic asymmetric reactions known today, and discusses recent advances and essential information on the initial development of certain processes. An excellent working resource for academic researchers and industrial chemists alike, the Third Edition features: Sixentirely new chapters focusing on novel approaches to catalytic asymmetric synthesis including non-conventional media/conditions, organocatalysis, chiral Lewis and Bronsted acids, CH activation, carbon-heteroatom bond-forming reactions, and enzyme-catalyzed asymmetric synthesis A new section focusing on the important new reaction, asymmetric metathesis, in carbon-carbon bond-forming reactions Updated chapters on hydrogenation, carbon-carbon bond-forming reactions, hydrosilylations, carbonylations, oxidations, amplifications and autocatalysis, and polymerization reactions Retaining the best ofits predecessors but now thoroughly up to date, Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis, Third Edition serves as an excellent desktop reference and text for researchers and students from the upper-level undergraduates through experienced professionals in industry or academia.

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ISBN: 9780470584231

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Iwao Ojima

Iwao Ojima (* 5. Juni 1945 in Yokohama, Präfektur Kanagawa, Japan) ist ein US-amerikanischer Chemiker japanischer Herkunft. Er ist verheiratet mit Yoko Ojima, einer berühmten Opernsängerin.

Sein Arbeitsgebiet behandelt die Entdeckung und Entwicklung neuer Wirkstoffe für die Chemotherapie, vor allem durch Derivatisierung von Taxanen, sowie von neuen Anti-Thrombose- und Cardiovaskular-Wirkstoffen. Daneben entwickelt er neue Synthesewege für die organische und metallorganische Chemie und asymmetrische Heck-Reaktionen.

Herausragend in seinem Lebenswerk und bedeutend für die chemische Industrie ist die Entwicklung des Ojima-Holton-Verfahrens, das zur Derivatisierung von Taxanen verwendet wird, u.a. von Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Professor Ojima ist Arthur C. Cope-Scholar, trägt den Titel des Distinguished Professor und ist Direktor des Instituts für Biochemie und Wirkstoffentwicklung (Institute of Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery, ICB&DD) an der Stony Brook University.



Источник: Iwao Ojima

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