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Transplant Administration

This timely new book, written by a transplant administrator with over sixteen years of experience, along with other expert contributors, covers the specifics of each aspect of transplant administration, providing information that will enable new administrators to quickly master essentials, help more seasoned administrators evaluate and improve their programs, and generally provide a knowledge base, focused on best-practices in light of regulatory requirements, for transplant surgeons, aspirant administrators and hospital administrators. Comprehensively covers all aspects of transplant program administration, including management, finance, staffing, quality improvement, patient intake, communication and collaboration with clinical staff, and more. Emphasizes practical application of best practices; uses bullet lists and other features to highlight essential information for each topic covered. Accompanying«Toolkit», available via the book's companion website, provides forms, a procedural manual, program assessment materials and more which buyers can use«out of the box» or adapt for use in their own program. While the book and its supplemental materials have been created specifically with the US transplant community in mind, they still have considerable value for transplant administrators and related professionals outside the US, for instance, transplantation and health policy researchers, hospital management staff who are tasked with starting a transplant program from scratch and who need ready-made materials they can adapt to suit their own regulatory environment, and others.

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9781118391990

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Lisa Norris

Lisa Norris [http://www.lisanorris.net link Lisa Norris] is the prize-winning author of "Toy Guns". She teaches English and Creative Writing at Central Washington University.

"Toy Guns" is a collection of short stories written from multiple perspectives. Norris explores violence in the contemporary American culture using a variety of first- and third-person narrative styles, and through an assortment of colorful characters-- most of whom are female. The book's focus is on the various ways violent experiences can be articulated: violent threats, acts, memories, suggestions, relationships, games, and other situations dominate the tales spun in Toy Guns. Norris writes with a voice that is both colorful and grave at once. Toy Guns takes a broad, hard look at American violence, examining violence as it relates to the issues of feminism, sexuality, and social responsibility.

"Toy Guns" was published by Helicon Nine Editions in 1999.


* [http://www.vtnews.vt.edu/archives/2000/00097.html Norris Receives Willa Cather Fiction Prize from Helicon Nine Press]
* [http://www.lisanorris.net Lisa Norris's website, with links to book reviews]

Источник: Lisa Norris

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