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A Handbook of English Renaissance Literary Studies

Provides a detailed map of contemporary critical theory in Renaissance and Early Modern English literary studies beyond Shakespeare A Handbook of English Renaissance Literary Studies is a groundbreaking guide to the contemporary engagement with critical theory within the larger disciplinary area of Renaissance and Early Modern studies. Comprising commissioned contributions from leading international scholars, it provides an overview of literary theory, beyond Shakespeare, focusing on most major figures, as well as some lesser-known writers of the period. This book represents an important first step in bridging the divide between the abundance of titles which explore applications of theory in Shakespeare studies, and the relative lack of such texts concerning English Literary Renaissance studies as a whole, which includes major figures such as Marlowe, Jonson, Donne, and Milton. The tripartite structure offers a map of the critical landscape so that students can appreciate the breadth of the work being done, along with an exploration of the ways in which the treatments of or approaches to key issues have changed over time. Handbook of English Renaissance Literary Studies is must-reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students of early modern and Renaissance English literature, as well as their instructors and advisors. Divided into three main sections,“Conditions of Subjectivity,” “Spaces, Places, and Forms,” and “Practices and Theories,” A Handbook of English Renaissance Literary Studies: Provides an overview of theoretical work and the theoretical-informed competencies which are central to the teaching of English Renaissance literary studies beyond Shakespeare Provides a map of the critical landscape of the field to provide students with an opportunity to appreciate the breadth of the work done Features newly-commissioned essays in representative subject areas to offer a clear picture of the contemporary theoretically-engagedwork in the field Explores the ways in which the treatments of or approaches to key issues have changed over time Offers examples of the ways in which the practice of a theoretically-engaged criticism may enrich the personal and professional lives of critics, and the culture in which such critical practice takes place

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9781118458761

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John Lee

John Lee is the name of:

Politicians and government officials:
*John Lee, Baron Lee of Trafford, former Minister and Conservative Member of Parliament for Pendle from 1979 - 1992
*John Lee (Attorney-General), Attorney-General for England and Wales, 1783
*John Lee (MP) (1695-1761), Member of Parliament for Newport (Cornwall) (UK Parliament constituency)
*John Michael Hubert Lee, Labour Party Member of Parliament for Reading from 1966 - 1970
*John Lee (Maryland), a Maryland representative in the 18th United States Congress
*John A. Lee, a New Zealand politician
*John Jay Lee, Nevada politician

In the arts:
*John Lee (artist), a British Pre-Raphaelite artist
*John Lee (author) an American thriller writer and lecturer
*John Lee (actor), Australian television actor
*John Lee (PFFR), co-creator of MTV2 comedy show "Wonder Showzen"
*John B. Lee, a Canadian poet
*John Rafter Lee, an actor and voice actor best known for his work in "Æon Flux"

In academia:
*John Lee (astronomer), President of the Royal Astronomical Society (1861-1863)
*John Lee (pathologist)
*John Lee (university principal), University of Edinburgh Principal (1840-1859)

*John Lee (placekicker), UCLA football player
*John Babbacombe Lee, a convicted English murderer noted for surviving three attempts to hang him
*General John C. H. Lee, deputy commander of U.S. forces in Europe in World War II
*John D. Lee, a Mormon leader
* John Lee (Colonel), an American Revolutionary War officer from Marblehead, Massachusetts

ee also

*Jon Lee, former drummer of the band Feeder
*Johnny Lee, American country music singer
*John Lee Hooker, American blues musician

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