Электронная книга: Nigel Worden «The Making of Modern South Africa. Conquest, Apartheid, Democracy»

The Making of Modern South Africa. Conquest, Apartheid, Democracy

The new edition of The Making of Modern South Africa provides a comprehensive, current introduction to the key themes and debates concerning the history of this controversial country. Engagingly written, the author provides a sharp, analytical overview of the new South Africa. Examines the major issues in South Africa's history, from pre-colonial to present, including colonial conquest; the establishment of racism, segregation, and apartheid; resistance movements; and the eventual founding of democracy Contains an additional final chapter that takes the story to the present and considers the challenges and compromises of the first two decades of democracy Updated with material on post-apartheid era and current issues in South Africa The only book that gives direct guidance to bibliographical material and readings on key debates Provides a sharp, analytical overview of the new South Africa Extensive references are given to the key writings on each topic and the debates between scholars

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Nigel Worden

Nigel Worden (born 27 March 1955) is Professor of History and head of the Historical Studies department at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He was previously Research Fellow at Clare Hall, University of Cambridge and Lecturer in Commonwealth History at the University of Edinburgh. He holds MA and Ph.D degrees in History from the University of Cambridge and BA degrees in Art History and Linguistics from the University of South Africa, and is fluent in Dutch and French.[1][2]



Publications by Nigel Worden include[3]:

  • 'Slavery in Dutch South Africa' (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1985 reprinted 2010)
  • 'The slaves, 1652-1834' in R.Elphick and H.Giliomee (eds) 'The shaping of South African society, 1652-1840'(2nd ed. Maskew Miller Longman, 1989, reprinted 1990, 1991, translated into Afrikaans 1991) [jointly with James Armstrong]
  • 'Breaking the Chains: Slavery and Emancipation in the nineteenth century Cape Colony'. Jointly edited with Clifton Crais (Witwatersrand University Press, 1994)
  • 'Contested heritage at the Cape Town Waterfront', International Journal of Heritage Studies, 2 (1996)
  • 'The Making of Modern South Africa, Conquest, Segregation and Apartheid'. (Oxford, Blackwell, first published 1994, 4th edition 2007)
  • 'Contested heritage in a South African city: Cape Town' in B.Shaw and R. Jones (eds), Contested Urban Heritage: Voices from the Periphery (Aldershot, Ashgate Publishers, 1997).
  • 'Cape Town: The Making of a City. An illustrated history'. N. Worden, E. van Heyningen, V. Bickford-Smith (Cape Town, David Philip, 1998)
  • 'Commemorating, invoking and suppressing Cape slavery' together with Kerry Ward in Sarah Nuttall and Carli Coetzee (eds) 'The Making of Memory in South Africa'. (Cape Town, Oxford University Press, 1998)
  • 'National identity and heritage tourism in Melaka', Indonesia and Malay World, 31, 31-43.
  • 'Trials of slavery: selected documents concerning slaves from the criminal records of the Council of Justice at the Cape of Good Hope, 1705-1794', edited jointly with Gerald Groenewald, Van Riebeeck Society, Cape Town, 2005.
  • 'Artisan conflicts in a colonial context: the Cape Town blacksmith strike of 1752’, Labor History 46:2 (May 2005), 155-184.
  • 'New approaches to VOC history in South Africa’, South African Historical Journal 59 (2007), 3-18.
  • 'Strangers ashore: sailor identity and social conflict in mid-18th century Cape Town’, Kronos 33 (2007), 72-83.
  • '“Below the line the devil reigns”: death and dissent aboard a VOC vessel’, South African Historical Journal, 61:4 (2009), 701-29.
  • 'Demanding satisfaction: violence, masculinity and honour in late eighteenth-century Cape Town’, Kronos 35 (2009), 32-47.
  • 'The changing politics of slave heritage in the Western Cape, South Africa’, Journal of African History 50 (2009), 23-40.


He has received the following awards[4]:

  • G. Wesley Johnson Award from the U.S Council on Public History for the best article in the field of public history published in 1994 (1995)
  • Meritorious publication award, UCT for Cape Town: the Making of a City (2000)
  • Overseas Visiting Fellowship, St. John's College, Cambridge (2002);
  • Nelson Mandela Chair in Humanities grant to edit volume of slave court testimonies to be published by the Van Riebeeck Society (2003-4)
  • Western Cape Provincial Honours: Premier's Commendation for contributions to the study of slavery (2005)


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