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Non-Gaussian Statistical Communication Theory

The book is based on the observation that communication is the central operation of discovery in all the sciences. In its«active mode» we use it to «interrogate» the physical world, sending appropriate «signals» and receiving nature's«reply». In the «passive mode» we receive nature's signals directly. Since we never know a prioriwhat particular return signal will be forthcoming, we must necessarily adopt a probabilistic model of communication. This has developed over the approximately seventy years since it's beginning, into a Statistical Communication Theory (or SCT). Here it is the set or ensemble of possible results which is meaningful. From this ensemble we attempt to construct in the appropriate model format, based on our understanding of the observed physical data and on the associated statistical mechanism, analytically represented by suitable probability measures. Since its inception in the late'30's of the last century, and in particular subsequent to World War II, SCT has grown into a major field of study. As we have noted above, SCT is applicable to all branches of science. The latter itself is inherently and ultimately probabilistic at all levels. Moreover, in the natural world there is always a random background«noise» as well as an inherent a priori uncertainty in the presentation of deterministic observations, i.e. those which are specifically obtained, a posteriori. The purpose of the book is to introduce Non-Gaussian statistical communication theory and demonstrate how the theory improves probabilistic model. The book was originally planed to include 24 chapters as seen in the table of preface. Dr. Middleton completed first 10 chapters prior to his passing in 2008. Bibliography which represents remaining chapters are put together by the author's close colleagues; Drs. Vincent Poor, Leon Cohen and John Anderson. email pressbooks@ieee.org to request Ch.10

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9781118161937

электронная книга

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David Middleton

Personal information
Full name David Barrie Middleton
Born 13 October 1965 (1965-10-13) (age 46)
Bloxwich, Staffordshire, England
Batting style Right-handed
Role Wicketkeeper
Domestic team information
Years Team
2001 Worcestershire Cricket Board
Career statistics
Competition LA
Matches 2
Runs scored 7
Batting average 7.00
100s/50s –/–
Top score 7
Balls bowled
Bowling average
5 wickets in innings
10 wickets in match
Best bowling
Catches/stumpings 3/–
Source: Cricinfo, 2 November 2010

David Barrie Middleton (born 13 October 1965) is a former English cricketer. Middleton was a right-handed batsman who played primarily as a wicketkeeper. He was born at Bloxwich, Staffordshire.

Middleton represented the Worcestershire Cricket Board in 2 List A matches against Staffordshire in the 2001 Cheltenham & Gloucester Trophy and Buckinghamshire in the 1st round of the 2002 Cheltenham & Gloucester Trophy which was played in 2001.[1] In his 2 List A matches, he scored 7 runs at a batting average of 7.00, with a high score of 7. Behind the stumps he took 2 catches.[2]


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