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Don't Look Down

Производитель: "St. Martin's Paperbacks"

She is a director of dog food commercials who's just been recruited to finish a four-day movie shoot. But as soon as Lucy Armstrong arrives on set, she discovers that the staff is in chaos, the make-up artist is suicidal, and the stunt director just happens to be her ex-husband. That, and the temperamental lead actor has just acquired as an advisor a Green Beret who has the aggravating habit of always being right. He thought that hiring on as a military consultant for a movie star was a to-die-for deal: easy work, easy money, easier starlets. But his first day on the job, Captain J. T. Wilder ends up babysitting a bumbling comedian, dodging low-flying helicopters, and trying to find out who's taking shooting a movie much too literally. ISBN:978-0-312-93851-2

Издательство: "St. Martin's Paperbacks" (2007)

Формат: 110x170мм, 373 стр.

ISBN: 978-0-312-93851-2

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Jennifer Crusie

Infobox Writer

imagesize = 150px
name = Jennifer Smith
pseudonym = Jennifer Crusie
birthname = Jennifer Smith
birthdate = birth year and age|1949
birthplace = Wapakoneta, Ohio, United States
occupation = novelist, nonfiction
nationality = American
period = 1992–present
genre = Romance, adventure
website =

Jennifer Crusie (born 1949) is a pseudonym for Jennifer Smith, a bestselling and award winning author of contemporary romance novels. She has written over 15 novels, which have been published in 20 countries.


Crusie was born as Jennifer Smith in Wapakoneta, Ohio to Jack and JoAnn Smith.cite web|title=Jennifer Crusie|publisher=Ohioana Authors|url=|year=2007|accessdate=2007-11-07] "Jenny," as she is called, chose to honor her maternal grandmother by writing under her grandmother's maiden name, Crusie. Crusie has spent much of her life and currently resides in Ohio.


Crusie was graduated from Wapakoneta High School, and then earned a bachelor's degree in Art Education from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. She has two Master's degrees. For her first, from Wright State University in Professional Writing and Women's Literature, Crusie wrote a thesis on the role of women in mystery fiction.citation|last=Block|first=Allison|title=A sure bet: Jennifer Crusie's rollicking romance hits the jackpot|url=|publisher=BookPage|date=February 2004|accessdate=2007-11-07] Her second master's degree is an MFA in Fiction from Ohio State University. She has also completed work towards a Ph.D. in feminist criticism and nineteenth century British and American literature at Ohio State University.

Family and career

Crusie married in 1971, and followed her Air Force husband to Wichita Falls, Texas. He was soon transferred to Dayton, Ohio and they have since divorced. They have one daughter, Mollie, who now runs all of the Crusie Web sites.

Crusie had long planned to be a teacher. She has taught all age levels, from pre-school through college, including 15 years in the Beavercreek, Ohio public school system. Her junior and senior high school courses included art, Literature (touching on mythology, the Bible in literature, college composition, and British and American literature), as well as time spent directing the sets and costumes crews for the high school's drama department. She has also taught courses at Antioch University, Wright State University, and Ohio State.

Writing career

Writing was an accidental career. Crusie's Ph.D. dissertation was to focus on the impact of gender on narrative strategies. To research the differences in the way men and women tell stories, Crusie vowed to read one hundred romance novels and one hundred men's adventure novels. The romance novels were so compelling that Crusie changed her dissertation to focus on romantic fiction and decided to try her hand at writing some.citation|last=Jorgenson|first=Jane|title=Jennifer Crusie Interview|publisher=All About Romance Novels|url=|date=October 2004|accessdate=2007-11-07] She quit her job in the summer of 1991 to devote herself full-time to writing. Crusie completed her first manuscript, called "Bet Me", in 1992, but was unable to sell it.citation|last=Maryles|first=Daisy|title=Worth Betting On|newspaper=Publishers Weekly|date=February 23, 2004|url=|accessdate=2007-11-07]

Crusie sold her first novella, "Sizzle," in August 1992. For the first three years of her career, her books were presented as category romances under the Silhouette, Harlequin, and Bantam Loveswept lines. In 1995, Crusie developed a partnership with St. Martin's Press, and began writing single title novels, beginning with "Tell Me Lies". The switch to single-title novels was easy for Crusie, who says that "I was never conscious of writing category or single title or paperback or hardcover. You just have to tell the truest story you know."

Her books are known for their humor, although Crusie says she has never "deliberately written to be funny. ... I think my characters just have a particular kind of sense of humor. They use it the way a lot of people do, to cope with the absurdities of life." Crusie usually envisions her characters before the plots, and she crafts them as real people, complete with flaws. Her heroines are usually off-beat and the heroes are clever and charming. Many of her characters have collections because she believes that a person's possessions tell a lot about that person.

She rewrote her first manuscript in 2002, and it was released as "Bet Me" in 2004. In 2005 she won a Romance Writers of America RITA Award for Best Contemporary Single Title for the novel "Bet Me". The novel also became her first New York Times bestseller.citation|title=Love for Sale|newspaper=Publishers Weekly|date=July 5, 2004|url=|accessdate=2007-11-07|last=Danford|first=Natalie|last2=Dyer|first2=Lucinda|last3=Mantell|first3=Suzanne|last4=Rosen|first4=Judith] In a 2004 interview, Crusie said that "Bet Me" might be her last classic romance, and that her future novels would combine the traditional love story with other genres. This is partly because she considered "Bet Me" to be "the best romance novel, straight classic romance, that I'll ever write. ... Time to move on to something I don't know how to do."

In September 2004, Crusie met adventure novelist Bob Mayer at the Maui Writers Conference. By the end of the conference, they had become friends and begun the outline for a novel. Within a year, they had finished the manuscript, collaborating primarily via email. In the novel, title "Don't Look Down", Crusie wrote the scenes and dialogue for the female protagonist, while Mayer wrote the scenes and dialogue for the male protagonist. Crusie's longtime editor, Jennifer Enderlin, also edited this book, and had to ask Crusie who had written each section as she couldn't tell them apart. The novel was given an initial printing of 300,000 copies, Crusie's highest initial printing to date.citation|last=Maryles|first=Daisy|date=March 6, 2006|newspaper=Publishers Weekly|title=She Said, He Said |url=|accessdate=2007-11-07] In August of 2007, their second collaborative novel, "Agnes and the Hitman," was released and made the New York Times best seller list.

Crusie has also collaborated with Eileen Dreyer and Anne Stuart on "The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes," pulished in 2007. She also continues her interest in the academic side of fiction. She published a book of literary criticism on Anne Rice under the name Jennifer Smith.



* "Sizzle" (1994) -- Silhouette Stolen Moments Novella ISBN 0-373-83271-0
* "Manhunting" (Harlequin Temptation #463 September 1993, reissued Mira Books November 2000, reissued in hardcover February 2007) ISBN 0-373-77251-3
* "Getting Rid of Bradley" (Harlequin Temptation #480 February 1994, reissued Mira Books November 2001) ISBN 1-551-66865-3
* "Strange Bedpersons" (Harlequin Temptation #520 December 1994, reissued Mira Books December 2003) ISBN 1-551-66743-6
* "What the Lady Wants" (Harlequin Temptation #544 June 1995, reissued Mira Books November 2002) ISBN 1-551-66951-X
* "Charlie All Night" (Harlequin Temptation #570 January 1996, reissued Mira Books December 2004) ISBN 0-778-32107-X
* "Anyone But You" (Harlequin Love and Laughter #4 September 1996, reissued Mira Books January 2006, paperback reissue December 2006) ISBN 0-373-77138-X
* "The Cinderella Deal" (Bantom Loveswept #807 October 1996) ISBN 0-553-44557-X
* "Trust Me on This" (Bantom Loveswept #843, July 1997) ISBN 0-553-44558-8
* "Tell Me Lies" (1998) ISBN 0-312-96680-6
* "Crazy for You" (1999) ISBN 0-312-97112-5
* "Welcome to Temptation" (2000) ISBN 0-312-97425-6
* "Fast Women" (2001) ISBN 0-312-98015-9
* "Faking It" (2002) ISBN 0-312-93278-2
* "Bet Me" (2004) ISBN 0-312-98785-4
* "Don't Look Down" (with Bob Mayer) (2006) ISBN 0-312-34812-6
* "Agnes and the Hitman" (with Bob Mayer) (2007) ISBN 0-312-363-04-4

:“This first collaboration between best-selling romance writer Crusie and adventure-thriller writer Mayer is a rare delight. Mayer's delectably dry sense of humor perfectly complements Crusie's brand of sharp wit, and together the two have cooked up a sexy, sassy, and smart combination of romance and suspense that is simply irresistible.” --"Booklist"
* "Hot Toy" (2006) -- in the Anthology "Santa Baby" ISBN 0-312-93976-0
* "The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes" (2007) (with Anne Stuart, Eileen Dreyer) ISBN 031294098X
* "Agnes and the Hitman" (2007) (with Bob Mayer) ISBN 0312363044


* "Totally Charmed: Demons, Whitelighters and the Power of Three" (2005) (Smart Pop series) ISBN 1-932-10060-1 - editor and contributor
* "Flirting with Pride & Prejudice: Fresh Perspectives on the Original Chick-Lit Masterpiece" (2005) (Smart Pop series) ISBN 1-932-10072-5 - editor and contributor
* "Anne Rice: A Critical Companion" (Critical Companions to Popular Contemporary Writers) (1996) ISBN 0-313-29612-X

Awards and honors

* Jennifer Crusie won the Romance Writers of America 2005 RITA in the Best Contemporary Single Title category for "Bet Me"
* She won the Romance Writers of America 1995 RITA in the Best Short Contemporary Series category for "Getting Rid of Bradley".


External links

* [ Jennifer Crusie's Official Web Site]
* [ Jennifer Crusie's Blog, Argh Ink]
* [ The Cherry Forums: Reading and Writing Forums, sponsored by Jennifer Crusie]
* [ The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes Official Book Web Site]
* [ Web Page of Bob Mayer and Jennifer Crusie collaboration]
* [ Crusie Mayer 2007 Online Writing Workshop]

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Bob Mayer

Bob Mayer
Born 1959
Bronx, New York
Pen name Joe Dalton, Robert Doherty, Greg Donegan, Bob McGuire
Occupation Novelist
Nationality American
Period 1991-present
Genres Thriller, Science Fiction

Robert "Bob" Mayer (born 1959) is an author, writing instructor, and former Green Beret.[1] He has written over 30 titles under his name and his four pen names (Joe Dalton, Robert Doherty, Greg Donegan, and Bob McGuire). Mayer has applied the principles from his training in the special forces to his career as a writer and as a writing instructor. He has written several motivational books, including Who Dares Wins: Special Operations Tactics For Success.

In addition, he is currently writing books in partnership with author Jennifer Crusie.[1]

Bob Mayer and novelist Jennifer Talty have created a publishing company called "Who Dares Wins Publishing" . It serves to re-publish his back list of novels and for his future fiction and non-fiction releases along with releases from Jennifer Talty and other authors. The company sells books in paperback and ebook form.



Mayer was born in the Bronx and raised in New York City.[2] He went to the United States Military Academy.

In the army, Mayer was an infantryman and a Green Beret, serving with recon and special forces teams. He later went on to become a writer and instructor at the JFK Special Warfare Center & School at Fort Bragg.

Mayer has published 33 titles under his name and his four pen names. He has sold over 6 million books. He written several thriller and scifi books that build on his experience in the special forces as well as on the traditions of mythology and ancient cultures. His Area 51 series is still in print and sought after by fans of spy thrillers and scifi.

In September 2004, Mayer met romance novelist Jennifer Crusie at a writer's conference in Maui. The pair decided to collaborate on a series of military-themed romance novels. The collaboration takes place over email, with Mayer writing scenes from the male perspective and Crusie writing those that involve the female perspective.[1][3] Their first joint novel, Don’t Look Down, was published in April 2006.[3]

In addition to his writing career, Mayer is a frequent speaker at writers' conferences and holds workshops and seminars on leadership tactics based on his Green Beret training

Non-fiction books/series

  • The Novel Writer's Toolkit (2003) ISBN 1-58297-320-2
  • Who Dares Wins: Special Operations Tactics For Success
  • The Green Beret Way: Special Forces Tactics That Take You From Ordinary to Elite

Fictional books/series

Single titles

Area 51

Area 51 relates to humanity encountering aliens, and the trials that ensue. Written using the pen name "Robert Doherty":

  • Area 51 (1997) ISBN 0-440-22073-4 In the first book of the series it is established that during the 1940s several atmospheric crafts of unknown origin were discovered in the Antarctic and the U.S. government established Area 51 to study the technology. In the 1990s, several of the book characters, including Scientist Lisa Duncan and Special Forces officer Mike Turcotte, are drawn to Area 51 at the same time and they must unlock the secret of the ship to save mankind.
  • Area 51: The Reply (1998) ISBN 0-440-22073-4 The secrets of the alien craft extend beyond Area 51 from Egypt's Pyramids to the mysterious face on Mars
  • Area 51: The Mission (1999) ISBN 0-440-22381-4 From a place hidden in the Amazon rain forest, comes a deadly virus that threatens the world.
  • Area 51: The Sphinx (2000) ISBN 0-440-23494-8 Someone has unlocked the secret of the Sphinx and using the alien technology found there, they threaten to deploy a nuclear missile.
  • Area 51: The Grail (2001) ISBN 0-440-23495-6 Area 51 personnel are searching for the Holy Grail, an ancient artifact that might unlock further secrets of the alien technology and save the world.
  • Area 51: Excalibur (2002) ISBN 0-440-23705-X
  • Area 51: The Truth (2003) ISBN 0-440-23706-8 Turcotte discovers the origins of man and why the aliens came to earth to begin with.
  • Area 51: Nosferatu (2003) ISBN 0-440-23724-6 The undead creatures who have inhabited the earth are now armed with modern tools of destruction, and they know that it is time to follow their leader, Nosferatu, to take over the world.
  • Area 51: Legend (2004) ISBN 0-440-23725-4 From another planet, two humans who have already successfully led a revolt against the deathless alien race, are on their way to planet called Earth for a final show down.


This series relates to an interdimensional battle to save all earths from a transdimensional race bent on stealing resources from other worlds, and destroying them in the process. They all start by destroying one place in particular.

Written using pen name Greg Donegan.

Jim Vaughan series


  • Don't Look Down (with Jennifer Crusie) (2006) ISBN 0-312-34812-6 This first collaboration between best-selling romance writer Crusie and adventure-thriller writer Mayer combines romance and suspense. Movie director, Lucy, got more than she bargained for when she agrees to complete a movie as a favor for her ex-husband after the first director dies. Lucy finds herself relying on and working with J.T. Wilder, a stunt consultant and special forces operative, to help her save her movie, her sister and her niece.


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