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The Compliance Revolution. How Compliance Needs to Change to Survive

The Compliance Revolution—Practical, Powerful Changes for Strategic Organizational Value Compliance is absolutely critical in creating a robust and resilient organization, one which is trusted by clients and contributes to market stability. Firms must approach compliance differently in order to meet these standards. Written for compliance staff, regulatory organizations, and senior management, The Compliance Revolution explains how key changes in compliance affect underlying principles, practices, roles, expectations and values. This valuable resource for global practitioners assists in navigating compliance requirements and implementing solid protection for a sound organization. Author David Jackman presents a coherent model for understanding and applying key developments in regulation and compliance. While the model is based on financial services, it can be applied to any sector and industry. It identifies five critical compliance components: Start-up, crises, expansion, sustainability, and outcomes-led focus. You will also discover: Why compliance is worth spending money on What your firm could and should be doing differently The importance of ethics in compliance and regulatory challenges How to create a pro-compliance culture Ten principles of good governance and why good governance matters How to employ judgment-based compliance The features and benefits of corporate maturity The Compliance Revolution is a crucial asset for all those with stakes in compliance—board members, compliance managers, and employees. David Jackman outlines key compliance challenges and reveals the practical tools and techniques required for successful practice. The insight, examples, and strategies in this comprehensive guidebook will help you and your organization achieve increasingly efficient, substantially more effective compliance procedures and practices.

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David Jackman

David Jackman is a British musician and visual artist with an extensive catalogue of drone works, mostly as the principal — and often sole — member of Organum.

Jackman's earliest known musical activity was as a member of Cornelius Cardew's Scratch Orchestra between 1969 and 1972. He later spoke highly of the value of his experiences in the ensemble, writing in 1994 that "I joined the orchestra in 1969 and soon found myself thrown into an energetic environment where to my surprise my musical ideas, however tentative, would be taken seriously and would actually get realised".[1] In 1979 he began to release very short runs of cassette singles, in line with the prevailing underground cassette culture. These were almost all released under his given name or the moniker Monoplane. It was not until 1983 that he began to use the name Organum and release his work on vinyl on various labels around Europe as well as his own imprint, Aeroplane. Many of his releases are short; he has released several one sided 7" singles and many EPs. In an interview with US magazine ND (issue 20, 1995), he declared "I don't enjoy lengthy programmes. A 70 minute CD is similar to the old double album. And I never did like that".[2]

Live performances by Jackman have been very rare and he consents to very few interviews. Despite this relative seclusion, Organum has been a platform for many collaborations with contributors including Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound, Christoph Heemann, Robert Hampson, Jim O'Rourke, Michael Prime of Morphogenesis, Eddie Prèvost of AMM, Andrew Chalk and noise artists The New Blockaders. He also made a single, "Breakthough" for The Haters without the intervention or collaboration of their principal member, GX Jupitter-Larsen; Jackman's website reports that Larsen said of the single that "my music has never sounded better".[3] Prèvost, Stapleton and Heemann all released Organum albums on their respective labels with other releases appearing on Touch Records, Robot Records and German label Die Stadt. More recently, he guested with AMM and made several collaborative releases with percussionist Z'EV, all credited jointly to Z'EV and Organum.

He is also known for the distinctive artwork which adorns his releases, mostly surreal colourful collages, often meticulous in their detail. However, he has also released some recordings in deliberately spartan or even non-existent artwork - one CD release came in a clear jewel case with no paper parts or other packaging. The official website archives nearly all of this artwork.

Jackman continues to create new works as well as reissuing earlier, long-unavailable titles.


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