Book: Ruth Russell «Fold-Out Christmas Market to Colour»

Fold-Out Christmas Market to Colour

Производитель: "Usborne Publishing Ltd."

Серия: "Fold-out and colour"

This book opens to form one long, continuous Christmas market scene to colour. Children, and adults too, will love colouring the intricate designs and details such as twinkling decorations and carollers in the town square, and once completed, it makes a lovely Christmas decoration. There are over 100 colourful rub-down transfers to add, too. ISBN:9781474921404

Издательство: "Usborne Publishing Ltd." (2016)

ISBN: 9781474921404

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Ruth Russell

Ruth Russell, Australian peace activist, was one of five Australian citizens who travelled to Iraq in 2003 to function as a human shield, and for some of the eight weeks was located at the Taji food silo. Her stated reason for doing so was to show "solidarity with the Iraqi civilians who will suffer greatly from the planned invasion of Iraq". [Russell, Ruth [ Human Shield in Iraq - The Democrats] ] [ [ Human shield on the attack for Democrats - The Age 26/9/2007] ]

Russell later regretted the choice of the silo which was later revealed to have contained AWB wheat, who were engulfed over their payment of kickbacks to Saddam Hussein's regime.

Russell was the lead candidate for the Australian Democrats in South Australia at the 2007 federal election to replace retiring senator Natasha Stott-Despoja, however the Democrats SA ticket received only 8,908 votes or 0.88 percent, suffering a 1.50 percent swing against them.


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Источник: Ruth Russell

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