Книга: Simon Guerrier «Doctor Who: The Slitheen Excursion»

Doctor Who: The Slitheen Excursion

Производитель: "Random House, Inc."

Серия: "Doctor Who"

1500BC - King Actaeus and his subjects live in mortal fear of the awesome gods who have come to visit their kingdom in ancient Greece. Except the Doctor, visiting with university student June, knows they`re not gods at all. They`re aliens. For the aliens, it`s the perfect holiday - they get to tour the sights of a primitive planet and even take part in local customs. Like gladiatorial games, or hunting down and killing humans who won`t be missed. With June`s enthusiastic help, the Doctor soon meets the travel agents behind this deadly package holiday company - his old enemies the Slitheen. But can he bring the Slitheen excursion to an end without endangering more lives? And how are events in ancient Greece linked to a modern-day alien plot to destroy what`s left of the Parthenon? Featuring the Tenth Doctor as played by David Tennant in the hit Doctor Who BBC Television series. ISBN:9781849907132

Издательство: "Random House, Inc." (2014)

Формат: 110x180мм, 256 стр.

ISBN: 9781849907132

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Simon Guerrier

Simon Guerrier is a British science fiction author and dramatist, closely associated with the fictional universe of "Doctor Who" and its spinoffs. Although he has written one "Doctor Who" novel, "The Time Travellers", for the BBC Books Past Doctor Adventures range, his work has mostly been for Big Finish Productions' audio drama and book ranges.

Guerrier's earliest published fiction appeared in ', the first of Big Finish's "Short Trips" range of "Doctor Who" short story anthologies. To date, his work has appeared in the majority of the "Short Trips" collections. He has also edited three volumes in the series, ', ' and '. The second of these takes as its starting-point Guerrier's short story "An Overture Too Early" in "", and explains its background, with considerable elaboration and digression along the way. The third anthology featured stories entirely by previously unpublished writers.

After contributing two stories to the anthology "Life During Wartime" in Big Finish's Bernice Summerfield range of books and audio dramas, Guerrier was invited to edit the subsequent year's short story collection, "A Life Worth Living", and the novella collection "Parallel Lives". As of 2006, after also contributing two audio dramas to the series, Guerrier is the Range Editor for the various Bernice Summerfield lines.

His other "Doctor Who" work is an audio drama, "The Settling", in Big Finish's "Doctor Who" audio range, and a contribution to the "UNIT" spinoff series. He has also written a play in Big Finish's "Sapphire and Steel" range.

Guerrier's work is characterised by character-driven humour and by an interest in unifying the continuity of the various Big Finish ranges through multiple references and reappearances of characters. As editor he has been a strong promoter of the work of various script writers from the Seventh Doctor era of the "Doctor Who" television series.


Doctor Who novels

*"The Time Travellers" (2005; featuring the First Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara)
*"The Pirate Loop" (2007)
*"The Slitheen Excursion" (2009)

Doctor Who short stories

*"Libra: The Switching" in "",Big Finish] (2002; edited by Jacqueline Rayner)
*"Curriculum Vitae" in "", (2003; edited by Rayner)
*"Euterpe: An Overture too Early" [Reprinted in '.] in ', (2003; edited by Rayner)
*"A Good Life" in "", (2003; edited by John Binns)
*"The Immortals" in "", (2004; edited by Ian Farrington)
*"Categorical Imperative" in "", (2004; edited by Farrington)
*"Last Christmas" in "", (2004; edited by Paul Cornell)
*"How You Get There" in "", (2005; edited by Farrington)
*"Christmas on the Moon" in "", (2005; edited by Simon Guerrier)
*"Incongruous Details" in "", (2006; edited by Farrington)
*"DS Al Fine" in "", (2006; edited by Guerrier)
*"The Best Joke I ever told" and "The Eighth Wonder of the World" in "", (2006; edited by Nicholas Briggs)
*"There's Something About Mary" in "", (2007; edited by Joseph Lidster)
*"Great Escapes" in "", (2008, edited by Farrington)

Bernice Summerfield short stories

*"The Birthday Party" and "Speaking Out" in "Life During Wartime" (2003; edited by Cornell)
*"Inappropriate Laughter" and "After Life" in "Something Changed" (2005; edited by Guerrier)

As editor

*"A Life Worth Living" (2004)
*"" (2005)
*"Parallel Lives" (2005)
*"Something Changed " (2005)
*"" (2006)
*"Old Friends" (2006)
*"" (2006)


Doctor Who audio drama

*"The Settling" (2006; featuring the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Hex)

Bernice Summerfield audio dramas

*"The Lost Museum" (2005)
*"Summer of Love" (2006)
*"The Wake" (2007)

Other Big Finish audio dramas

*"" (2004)
*"" (2006)



* [http://www.bigfinish.com/ Big Finish Productions]

Источник: Simon Guerrier

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