Book: Dylan Jones «When Ziggy Played Guitar: David Bowie and Four Minutes that Shook the World»

When Ziggy Played Guitar: David Bowie and Four Minutes that Shook the World

And then there was David Bowie, the uber-freak with the mismatched pupils, the low-tech space face from the planet Sparkle. This was Bowie's third appearance on TOTP but this was the one that properly resonated with its audience, the one that would go on to cause a seismic shift in the Zeitgeist. This is the performance that turned Bowie into a star, embedding his Ziggy Stardust persona into the nation's consciousness. With a tall, flame-orange cockade quiff (stolen from a Kansai Yamamoto model on the cover of Honey), lavishly applied make-up, white nail polish, and wearing a multi-coloured jump-suit that looked as though it were made from fluorescent fish skin (chosen by Ziggy co-shaper, the designer Freddie Buretti), and carrying a brand spanking new, blue acoustic guitar, a bone-thin Bowie appeared not so much as a pop singer, but rather as some sort of benevolent alien, a concept helped along by the provocative appearance of his guitarist, the chicken-headed Mick Ronson, with...

Издательство: "Random House" (2016)

Формат: 180x240, 240 стр.

ISBN: 978-1-8480-9385-0

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Dylan Jones

Dylan Jones (born 1960) is a journalist who is editor of British GQ. Having won the BSME Editor of the Year Award four times during his tenure at GQ, Jones was also recognised for the Brand Building Initiative of the Year 2007 for the annual GQ Men of the Year Awards.

Jones attended Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London where he studied graphic design and photography. He began his career in journalism at i-D magazine, becoming Editor in 1984 before moving onto Arena in 1987 to serve as Editor. At that same time, he was also a contributing editor at The Face.

Following that, he worked as associate editor of The Observer magazine and editor-at-large of The Sunday Times before taking over at GQ in 1999. Jones is credited with bringing in a gold-star roster of writers, as well as taking the magazine in a more political (right-wing) direction, recently featuring Conservative party leader David Cameron on the front cover.

Jones currently has a weekly column in the magazine supplement of the Mail on Sunday. Topics of his column have included the decreasing number of men wearing ties and the poor dress sense of the majority of British people. Jones also writes regularly for The Independent Saturday magazine.

Jones is Vice President of Hay Festival, and is also co-chair of the 2011 Norman Mailer Benefit Gala Dinner, being held in New York.

Jones has published biographies of Jim Morrison and Paul Smith and two anthologies of journalism. He is the author of the book, iPod Therefore I Am: A Personal Journey Through Music documenting his musical tastes and how the iPod music player has transformed it. And Mr Jones' Rules for the Modern Man, is an etiquette guide containing advice on how a modern man should behave, including how to commission a suit, how to behave in a casino and how to tie the laces of boat shoes.

Published in August 2008 by Fourth Estate,Cameron on Cameron: Conversations with Dylan Jones was based on a series of interviews with the Tory leader over the course of a year.

In 2010, Jones collaborated with David Bailey on Heroes, a celebration of British fighting heroes in Afghanistan, both inside Camp Bastion and outside, with sales benefiting the charity Help for Heroes.

Jones is currently working with U2, writing the text to accompany a volume of photographs from their record-breaking 360° Tour, due from Random House late 2012. The book will also include interviews with U2, Paul McGuiness, Willie Williams, Mark Fisher and others.



Jim Morrison: Dark Star by Dylan Jones, published by Bloomsbury, September 1990. Paul Smith True Brit by Dylan Jones, published 1995. Meaty, Beaty, Big & Bouncy and Sex, Power and Travel both anthologies published 1996. iPod, Therefore I Am by Dylan Jones, published by Weidenfeld & Nicholson, June 2005. Mr Jones' Rules for the Modern Man by Dylan Jones, published by Hodder & Stoughton, October 2006. Cameron on Cameron: Conversations with Dylan Jones by Dylan Jones, published by Fourth Estate, August 2008. Heroes by David Bailey and Dylan Jones, published by Thames & Hudson, October 2010.


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