Book: Bjarke Ingels «Hot to Cold: An Odyssey of Architectural Adaptation»

Hot to Cold: An Odyssey of Architectural Adaptation

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After the global success of YES IS MORE, one of the best-selling architecture books of its generation, BIG— Bjarke Ingels Group presents HOT TO COLD, an odyssey of architectural adaptation. The book coincides with the HOT TO COLD show at the National Building Museum in Washington DC and presents 60 case studies in harsh climate conditions in order to examine where and how we live on our planet. As we travel from one end of the spectrum to its opposite we will see that the more harsh the climate gets, the more intense its impact on the architecture. The central challenge is to mitigate the climatic extremes for hospitable human life, while finding solutions that can be both economically and environmentally profitable. Architecture is the art and science of accommodating the lives we want to live. Our cities and buildings aren't givens; they are the way they are because that is as far as we have gotten to date. They are the best efforts of our ancestors and fellow planetizens, and if they have shortcomings, it is up to us to continue that effort, pick up where they left off. HOT TO COLDstays true to BIG— Bjarke Ingels Group's grand mission to find a pragmatic utopia, shaping not only a particular structural entity, but the kind of world we wish to inhabit.

Издательство: "Taschen" (2015)

ISBN: 978-3-8365-5739-9

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Bjarke Ingels

Bjarke Ingels is a Danish architect born October 2, 1974 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is spearheading a new generation of Danish architects including Dorte Mandrup-Poulsen, Force4, Julien de Smedt, A.A.R.T, CEBRA, NORD and COBE.

Early career

Bjarke Ingels studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Arts Architect School in Copenhagen from 1993 to 1999. During studies he also attended Technica Superior de Arquitectura in Barcelona (1996-1997). He worked at Office of Metropolitan Architecture and Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam (1998-2001).

In 2001, founded the practice PLOT together with Belgian OMA colleague Julien de Smedt. In January 2006, PLOT disbanded and Bjarke Ingels created Bjarke Ingels Group, BIG, while his former partner founded Julien de Smedt Design, JDS Design. []

Design philosophy

On explaining his design ideas, Bjarke Ingels has stated:

Key Projects

*Big House Mixed Use, 62,000 m2, Completion 2010, DK
*Wings Residences, 19,600 m2, Completion 2009, DK
*Odense Aqua Center, 5,000 m2, Completion 2009, DK
*Mountain Dwellings, 33,000 m2, Completion 2008, DK
*Headquarters for Sjakket, 2,000 m2, Completion 2007, DK
*Helsingør Psychiatric Hospital, 6,000 m2, Completion 2005, DK
*Houses in Ørestad, 25,000 m2, Completion 2005, DK
*Maritime Youth House, 2,000 m2, 1st prize, Completion 2004, DK
*Islands Brygge Harbor Bath, 2,500 m2, Completion 2003, DK


*2007 Contract World Award for Best Interior - Headquarters for Sjakket
*2007 IOC Honorable Mention - Islands Brygge Harbor Bath
*2007 Mies van der Rohe Award Traveling Exhibition - VM-houses
*2006 FORUM AWARD, Best Building in Scandinavia - VM-houses
*2005 Mies van der Rohe Award- Special Mention - Maritime Youth House
*2004 Copenhagen Award for Architecture - Maritime Youth House
*2004 ar+d award for the Maritime Youth House
*2004 Golden Lion, Venice Biennale, for Stavanger Concert Hall
*2003 Scanorama Design Award
*2003 Henning Larsen Prize
*2002 Nykredits Architecture Prize
*2001 Henning Larsen Prize


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