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Batman: Haunted Gotham

Серия: "Batman"

The popular BATMAN creative team that produced TALES OF THE MULTIVERSE: BATMAN -- VAMPIRE reunite for a haunting graphic novel that pits an all-too-human Dark Knight against supernatural villains who are blends of classic horror characters and Batman's familiar gallery of foes. Written by Doug Moench, with chilling, stylized art by Kelley Jones and John Beatty, HAUNTED GOTHAM finds a very mortal Bruce Wayne in a Gotham City that has become an isolated hunting ground, cut off from the rest of the world by evil, unearthly beings that prey on humanity. Trained from birth to combat the dark forces, only Wayne can hope to prevail against an army of twisted creatures that includes werewolf assassins, ghosts, demons, zombies, and a patchwork Joker (wearing the head of Bruce Wayne's father) among its members. But to gain the power he needs, must Batman sacrifice his parents' souls?

Издательство: "DC Comics" (2009)

Формат: 165x260, 208 стр.

ISBN: 978-1-4012-2141-6

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Doug Moench

Doug Moench
Born February 23, 1948 (1948-02-23) (age 63)
Chicago, Illinois
Nationality American
Area(s) Writer
Notable works Master of Kung Fu
Moon Knight
Awards Eagle Award, 1977
Inkpot Award, 1981

Douglas Moench (b. February 23, 1948), better known as Doug Moench, is an American comic book writer notable for his Batman work and as the creator of Black Mask, Moon Knight and Deathlok.



Born in Chicago, Illinois, Moench has also written novels, short stories, newspaper feature articles, weekly newspaper comic strips, film screenplays and teleplays. His first published work was My Dog Sandy, a comic strip printed in his elementary school newspaper. He began his professional writing career in the early 1970s with scripts for Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella and articles for the Chicago Sun-Times. In 1973, he moved to New York City.

Moench has worked for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics and many other smaller companies; he has written hundreds of issues of many different comics, and created dozens of characters, such as Moon Knight. In 1973, Moench became the de facto lead writer for the Marvel black-and-white magazine imprint Curtis Magazines. He contributed to the entire runs of Planet of the Apes, Rampaging Hulk (continuing on the title when it changed its name to The Hulk!) and Doc Savage, while also serving as a regular scribe for virtually every other Curtis title during the course of the imprint's existence. Moench is perhaps best known for his work on Batman, whose title he wrote from 1983–1986 and then again from 1992–1998. (He also wrote the companion title Detective Comics from 1983–1986.)

Moench is a frequent and longtime collaborator with comics artist Paul Gulacy. The pair are probably best known for their work on Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu, which they worked on together from 1974–1977. They also co-created Six from Sirius, Slash Maraud, and S.C.I. Spy, and have worked together on comics projects featuring Batman, Conan the Barbarian and James Bond.

Moench has frequently been paired with the artist and inker team of Kelley Jones and John Beatty on several Elseworlds Graphic Novels and a long run of the monthly Batman comic.

Married to Debra with a son (Derek), Moench currently lives in Pennsylvania.

Comics bibliography (selected)

DC Comics

Marvel Comics

Curtis Magazines

Marvel's black-and-white magazine-sized imprint
  • Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #3-14, 16-18, 29, 33, Special #1 (featuring Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu)
  • Doc Savage #1-8 (1976)
  • Dracula Lives! #2-3, 5-6, 8-12
  • Haunt of Horror #2-5, 12
  • The Hulk! #10-22 (continuation of Rampaging Hulk, printed in magazine format in "Super Marvel Color")
  • Kull and the Barbarians #3
  • Marvel Preview #1, 5-6, 8, 12-13, 18, 21-22, 26, 28, 33 (#5-6 adapt the Sherlock Holmes story The Hound of the Baskervilles; #8 features the Legion of Monsters; #12 is The Haunt of Horror, a collection of short horror stories)
  • Marvel Super Action #1 (first Weirdworld story)
  • Monsters of the Movies #1, 8
  • Monsters Unleashed #5-11
  • Planet of the Apes #1-29 (adaptations of the Apes films, plus a handful of original spinoff tales, most notably the ongoing "Terror on the Planet of the Apes" saga)
  • Rampaging Hulk #1-9
  • Savage Sword of Conan #5, 9, 13, 14, 180
  • Savage Tales (featuring Conan and Ka-Zar) #5, 7, 8, 11
  • Tales of the Zombie #2-7, 9, 10, Annual #1
  • Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction #3, 6
  • Vampire Tales #2, 4-7, 9-11, Annual #1

Epic Comics

Marvel's creator-owned imprint started in 1982

Malibu Comics

Acquired by Marvel in 1996
  • Rune: Hearts of Darkness #1-3
  • Terror on the Planet of the Apes #1-4 (reprints from Marvel's Planet of the Apes magazine)

Eclipse Comics

  • Aztec Ace #1-15
  • Nightmares #1-2 (reprints "Blood on Black Satin", originally published in Eerie #109-111)
  • Miracleman #14 (backup story: "Nuclear Spring")
  • Total Eclipse #2 ("Aztec Ace" backup story)

TSR Comics

  • R.I.P. Brasher: Avenger of the Dead #1-4

Skywald Comics

  • Psycho #5, 6, 9, 11, 13, 16
  • Nightmare #9-12, 14, Annual #1, Yearbook 1974

Dark Horse Comics

Warren Publishing

  • Eerie #29-30, 35-45, 47, 50, 53-55, 57-58, 72, 78, 109-112
  • Creepy #37, 46-47, 49-54 56-59 64-66 68, 71-72, 76, 80, 82, 88
  • Vampirella volume 1 #7, 9, 14-15, 17-20, 24-29, 31, 34, 39

Smashout Comics

Smashout Comics is currently distributing, via the internet, several creator-owned comics that were previously released in comic book format. These comics can be downloaded through Wowio.com

Non-comics bibliography (selected)

Moench did book, movie and music reviews for Fling, and he wrote for several other men's magazines, including Adam, Cavalier, Knight, Man to Man and Swingle. He wrote several articles for Midwest, the Sunday magazine of the Chicago Sun-Times. For the never-published WLS Generation, he interviewed The Who, The Monkees and The Seeds. Moench also wrote an article called "23 on the 23rd" (a true story about Moench's 23rd birthday).

  • Batman Masters Collection — Set of 120 trading cards, with front art by artists Scott Hampton, Carl Critchlow, Duncan Fegredo, and Dermot Power. The flip sides of the first 90 cards, when read in order, form a cohesive storyline in which Batman fakes his own death. The set also provides a look at the posthumous feelings of the residents of Gotham City and Arkham Asylum towards the Dark Knight. A special collector's binder was also released for the card set. This card set was reprinted as a 208-page coffeetable book entitled Batman Masterpieces. It contains full-page reproductions of the card art opposite the card's text (so one can still follow the story), art concepts (instructions to the artists) and comments by the artist. Additionally, early sketches have been printed for most of the cards.
  • Batgirl: To Dare The Darkness — A young-reader novel that was released with the marketing blitz for the Batman & Robin movie.
  • The Forensic Files of Batman — A short story collection about how Batman uses clues found at crime scenes to foil the plans of his most famous villains. Each chapter is a different case presented from the notes, journals, and case files of the Batman, Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, and Jim Gordon.
  • The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse — Story editor and head writer for the 1980s cartoon.
  • Red Sonja — Original screenplay for the Red Sonja movie. The movie was later rewritten and changed quite a bit from Moench's version.



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