Книга: Robert Stone «Death of the Black-Haired Girl»

Death of the Black-Haired Girl

At an elite college in a once-decaying New England city, Steven Brookman has come to a decision. A brilliant but careless professor, he has determined that for the sake of his marriage, and his soul, he must end his relationship with Maud Stack, his electrifying student, whose papers are always late yet always incandescent. But Maud is a young woman whose passions are not easily curtailed, and their union will quickly yield tragic and far- reaching consequences. Death of the Black-Haired Girl is an irresistible tale of infidelity, accountability, the allure of youth, the promise of absolution, and the notion that madness is everywhere, in plain sight.

Издательство: "Mariner Books" (2014)

Формат: 135x205, 288 стр.

ISBN: 978-0-544-22779-8

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