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Vers le milieu du XIXe si е cle, la r е volution industrielle imposa а la vie un rythme acc е l е r е qui devait profond е ment modifier la sensibilit е et imposer а l'artiste une vision nouvelle de la r е alit е: la n е cessit е d'enregistrer simultan е ment les multiples aspects du monde ext е rieur impliqua l'expression rapidedes sensations. Edouard Manet fut le premier а placer l'art dans cette perspective r е volutionnaire. Dans toute la premi е re partie de l'ouvre de Manet on devine, en d е pit de sa grande originalit е, une double influence: celle de Thomas Couture, dont il avait е t е l'е l е ve indocile, et celle despeintres espagnols du XVIIe si е cle, qu'il connaissait surtout par les mus е es. D'autres peintres, а peine plus jeunes que lui et encore inconnus, prirent alors exemple de l'audace avec laquelle Manet osait braver l'hostilit е g е n е rale. Mais leur sensibilit е propre les inclinait plutot vers lestons tr е s clairs de la nature de plein air : ils devaient peu apr е s constituer le groupe des...

Издательство: "Flammarion" (1983)

Формат: 210x280, 96 стр.

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Robert Rey

Dr.Robert Rey
Born October 1, 1961 (1961-10-01) (age 50)
São Paulo - SP
Nationality Brazilian
Occupation Plastic Surgeon
Spouse Hayley Rey
Children Sydney, Robby

Roberto Miguel Rey Júnior, M.D (born October 1, 1961), best known as Robert Rey, is a Brazilian plastic surgeon featured on the E! reality series Dr. 90210. He is in private practice in Beverly Hills and specializes in cosmetic surgery.


Early life

Roberto Miguel Rey Júnior was born in São Paulo, Brazil to Avelina Reisdörfer and engineer Roberto Miguel Rey, an American-born naturalized Brazilian.[1] The family lived in São Paulo until 1974, when Mormon missionaries[2] brought Rey, then 12 years old, and his brother and two sisters to the United States. Rey and his siblings moved to Utah,[3] where they were adopted by a religious community. They later moved to Arizona. At sixteen he met with his mother again and they went to live in Prescott, Arizona where he attended Prescott High School.[1] She worked as a janitor to help with Robert’s schooling bills.[2]

Explaining his and his mother's estrangement from his father, Dr. Rey has explained that his father was an abusive alcoholic and womanizer, saying, "Meu pai era um monstro, e minha mãe não tinha voz. Estava contentíssimo de sair daquilo."(My father was a monster, and my mother did not have a voice. I was very happy to leave that.). Rey referred to his father as a "total asshole, a womanizer and a drunk.".[1][2][4]

He became a member of the Screen Actors Guild in 1980[3] and has appeared in national television advertisements, most recently in a Carl's Jr. commercial in which he advises a chicken to undergo breast augmentation surgery.[5] Rey was the medical consultant on the American film Se7en, and also made a cameo appearance in the Bollywood movie, Americanizing Shelley. He is also an avid martial artist with black belt in Taekwondo and Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


Noted for his work on celebrity patients, including John Travolta's niece's breast augmentation surgery featured on Dr. 90210. He received a Bachelor's degree from Arizona State University in Biochemistry. He has a Master's degree in Health Policy from Harvard, and an M.D. from Tufts University School of Medicine in 1990.[3][6]

Rey did a three year general surgery residency at Harbor UCLA, and completed his plastic surgery residency in 1997 at the University of Tennessee-Memphis Health Science Center. He subsequently undertook a hands-on aesthetic and breast reconstruction fellowship at the Harvard Medical School's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.[3] He is licensed to practice medicine in California and Massachusetts. He currently serves as a medical correspondent for The Insider and NBC4 news.

Rey has been featured on many television shows such as The View, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil as well as print articles such as The New York Times,The Wall Street Journal and the cover of Forbes Brazil and has a weekly casebook article in Life and Style Magazine. He is a member of The Los Angeles Medical Association and American Medical Association and is on staff at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. In 2004, Rey became the star of the reality television series Dr. 90210.[4] It showcases both his and other surgeon's practices, the surgeries and patients, as well as his family life. In 2007, he developed a successful[citation needed] line of shapewear as well as a skincare line, both sold nationwide. Every year, he travels on humanitarian missions to operate on children with physical deformities. He has performed over 10,000 surgeries and is known for his "invisible" scar breast augmentations and lifts and small, low incision tummy tucks which are often portrayed on Dr. 90210. He has been criticized for his informal bedside manner.[3]


Rey and his wife, Quebec-born Hayley Rey (born August 24, 1974), married in 2000. They have 2 children, daughter, Sydney born in 2000 and son Robby, born in 2004.[citation needed] They live in Beverly Hills, California. Hayley Rey is a full-time homemaker in addition to appearing in the show. The Reys own three Chihuahuas and a German Shepherd[7]


Rey was a medical consultant to the 1995 film Se7en. He has made over 60 guest appearances on television shows.[8] He has also appeared in:

  • Reality Check (2000), self
  • Plastic Surgery (2000), self
  • Dr. 90210 (2004–2008), self
  • Rey's Anatomy (2006), self
  • Americanizing Shelley (2007), Elastic Surgeon
  • The Cosmetic Surgery Show (2009–present), self
  • Live In LA LA Land (2011) Self, Examming 6 Israeli Singers.


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