Book: Manuela GilToresano «Agencia ELE 1 Student Book + CD (+ Audio CD)»

Agencia ELE 1 Student Book + CD (+ Audio CD)

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Agencia ELE method consists of 2 levels. This is level 1: Agencia ELE student book: (complemented by "Libro de Ejercicios"- 9788497784016). It has an A1+ level according to the CEFR and it develops the contents established by the Plan Curricular of the Cervantes Institute. The authors belong to the Cervantes Institute and the EOI (Escuela Oficial de Idiomas) and they suggest the use of an avant-garde methodology, with an action-oriented approach that is used in the Cervantes Institute at the moment. The workbook is divided into 12 units. Each of them suggests a variety of activities in order to reinforce the contents, that have already appeared in the units of the book, and to reinforce the linguistic skills. The workbook includes an audio CD which is necessary for the oral activities, with the transcriptions that appear at the end of this book. There is an answer key just after them. The method of Agencia ELE has 6 levels. Each level consists of: Handbook + CD; workbook + CD, and Teacher's book and multimedia on line material.

Издательство: "SGEL" (2007)

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