Book: Manuela Gil-Toresano «Agencia ELE 2 (Level A2) (+ Audio CD)»

Agencia ELE 2 (Level A2) (+ Audio CD)

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This title presents a method for young and adult learners of Spanish as a Second Language. It can be used in intensive courses and also in a general course. "Agencia Ele" is divided into 6 levels, from A1+ to B2. 2 of the CEFR." Agencia Ele 2" Student's book (level A2) includes 12 units (and two reviews) with 6 sections: Portada - Presentation of the contents; Primera linea - Activation of Knowledge; Agencia Ele - Language sample in a comic strip; Entre lineas - Tasks for consolidation; En linea con - Contextualised activities; and, Linea directa - Charts with a functional, grammatical and lexical systematization. Moreover, the learner can find at the end of the book all the transcriptions. Each level includes: student book with the CD; workbook with CD; Tutor guide, and a digital board (pizarra digital). Levels 1 and 2 available now - other four levels are being published.

Издательство: "SGEL" (2010)

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