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Connelly Michael «The Lincoln Lawyer»This #1 bestselling legal thriller from Michael Connelly is a stunning display of novelistic mastery - as human, as gripping, and as… - Подробнее... 791 руб
McFarlane Mhairi «Don't You Forget About Me»Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to rise again... The hilarious new heartbreaker from Mhairi McFarlane! If there's one thing worse than being… - Подробнее... 736 руб
Patchett Ann «Bel Canto»Winner of the Orange Prize and the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction. The poignant and at times very funny novel from the author of State of Wonder and… - Подробнее... 829 руб
Kleinbaum N.H. «Dead Poets Society»Todd Anderson and his friends at Welton Academy can hardly believe how different life is since their new English professor, the flamboyant John… - Подробнее... 596 руб
Kornhoff Oliver «Henry Moore. Vision. Creation. Obsession.»Like no other artist, Henry Moore (1898 - 1986) sought the challenge of the monumental and made the outdoors the playing field for his artistic… - Подробнее... 4147 руб
«Fondation Beyeler»On the occasion of the Beyeler Fondation's 20th anniversary, this richly illustrated publication gathers quotes, letters, interviews and writings… - Подробнее... 7321 руб
Lois P. Frankel «Nice Girls Don't Get The Corner Office»The New York Times bestseller, which has become a must-have for women in business, is now revised and updated in celebration of it's 10th… - Подробнее... 596 руб
Knudsen Lene «Mug Cakes»Satisfy that sweet craving as soon as it strikes with Mug Cakes - over 30 recipes for quick and delicious cakes that require minimal time and effort… - Подробнее... 760 руб
Petra Giloy-Hirtz «Stefan Hunstein. In the Ice»The artist Stefan Hunstein brought magical photographs of untouched landscapes back from his journey to the Arctic in 2012. In their majesty and… - Подробнее... 3262 руб
Hsieh Tony «Delivering Happiness. A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose» - Подробнее... 596 руб
Chamberlain Lesley «Russian, Polish & German Cooking»This exciting collection of Eastern European recipes includes all the culinary delights of a region that stretches from the Baltic Sea in the north… - Подробнее... 1089 руб
Koja Stephan «Shadows of Time. Giambologna, Michelangelo and the Medici Chapel»Giambologna (1529 - 1606) is regarded as the most important European sculptor between Michelangelo and Bernini. How did he achieve this status? This… - Подробнее... 3627 руб
Rauhut Christoph «Fragments of Metropolis. Berlin»This stunning volume presents the result of a major undertaking by photographer Niels Lehmann and researcher Christoph Rauhut: to document all the… - Подробнее... 2848 руб
Widauer Heinz «Claude Monet. A Floating World»More than any other artist, Claude Monet represents Impressionist painting. This volume illustrates Monet's career from Realism via Impressionism to… - Подробнее... 3050 руб
Hess Megan «Coco Chanel. The Illustrated World of a Fashion Icon»Fashion is ever-changing, influenced by the key designers that capture a moment in history; and Coco Chanel is arguably the most significant… - Подробнее... 1443 руб
Solomon Charmaine «The Complete Asian Cookbook»Spices, imaginatively used, are the outstanding feature of Indian and Pakistani cookery-subtle or pungent, hot or mild, there is something to suit… - Подробнее... 3252 руб
«Europe in the Renaissance»The Renaissance experienced some of the most important advances in human history: the invention of the printing press using movable letters, the… - Подробнее... 4185 руб
Deaver Jeffery «The Steel Kiss»Master of suspense Jeffery Deaver returns with the latest gripping thriller featuring paraplegic forensic detective Lincoln Rhyme. Smart technology… - Подробнее... 617 руб
Sherratt Mel «Tick Tock»The race is on... When a teenage girl is strangled while out for a run with her friends, it shakes the city of Stoke to it's core. Why would anyone… - Подробнее... 865 руб
Klette Denyse «Gnomes in the Neighborhood»First she changed the way we looked at fairies, then mermaids, and now illustrator Denyse Klette turns her talented eye (and pen) to gnomes with a… - Подробнее... 1799 руб
Ursula K. Le Guin «The Dispossessed»Shevek, a brilliant physicist, decides to take action. he will seek answers, question the unquestionable, and attempt to tear down the walls of… - Подробнее... 652 руб