Book: Nelson Amador «001 The Hidden Shadows . The Rings Around The Moon»

001 The Hidden Shadows . The Rings Around The Moon

As Alex comes back from Europe, a girl in Redmond, Washington finds out about a killing that happened at her work. As Alex is in Washington, Morella, sets up a meeting between him and the girl name Amber Wade who is a student at the University of Washington. Amber forums a really special bond Alex and she invites him to go on a trip to Brazil in South America. But as they do this, the killer name Kramer Quinine fallows them and he wants to kill Amber because she was the witness to the killing. As Amber gets kidnapped, Alex discovers that Quinine is a half-German businessman who is funding the Sandinistas up in Nicaragua and is working for a Sandinista Secretary of Defense name Diego Chavez and has an evil Sandinista agent name Jessica Santos. Alex comes across many allies and discovers Chavez s plan to create a Revolution in Nicaragua and destroy Nicaragua and use Amber as a hostage. Alex must save Amber from killing by the Sandinistas and has to escape from the choas in Nicaragua in this 2 story novel

Формат: 210x280мм, 48 стр.

ISBN: 9781329839724

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