Book: Nathan Birr «WinterKill - A Douglas Files Short»

WinterKill - A Douglas Files Short

A weekend ski trip with a trio of beautiful women could be a lot of fun. If they didn&39;t have it in for Jackson. And if one of them wasn&39;t being hunted by killers. Jackson&39;s brother&39;s fiancee, Hillary, has been receiving death threats, likely tied to her career as a defense attorney. Getting away for a relaxing weekend seems prudent until they find evidence that someone is following their group. Hillary refuses to turn back, which puts Jackson on edge, seeing snipers behind ski lifts and questioning the loyalty of his traveling companions. And when a heavy snowstorm strands them all in their palatial cabin with a mysterious stranger, his paranoia seems perfectly apropos. As the night wears on, fears become reality. Killers breach the cabin, forcing the group to use whatever means necessary to fight for their survival. As dawn nears, they hatch a plan to save themselves. But will they escape from danger, or place themselves in its very midst?

Формат: 152x220мм, 148 стр.

ISBN: 9781329611313

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