Книга: Richard L. Newell «Waltraub The World Within Book Two Larger Print Edition»

Waltraub The World Within Book Two Larger Print Edition

There is much about the earth upon which we live, of which most of us are totally unaware. If we only knew where to look for them. . . civilizations exist which use technology (so far advanced beyond ours) that would overwhelm and astonish even the most brilliantly creative, astute and clever minds of our present-day society. WELCOME To Adventure!ENTER The Vast Unknown!EXPLORE The World Within!Inside The Earth Colonies Are Established For A Righteous Purpose. Worthy Men. Women, and Children from all countries on earth are offered sanctuary from the impending holocaust of Armageddon. This destructive battle is about to be unleashed, climaxing in an untold number of casualties prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ. Witness a modern miracle as Noah s Ark is masterfully re-created in a setting deep within the earth, and animals are gathered anew from all over the world. This drama in Christian living unfolds as the threat of a nuclear inferno draws near.

Формат: 210x280мм, 330 стр.

ISBN: 9781312028579

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