Книга: Alex Oldham «Wake Me In The Future»

Wake Me In The Future

Over a thousand years have passed since his family mourned his death. But Richard Green is alive again, and desperate to find his wife. Is she among the thousands still waiting to be revived? Or has he lost her forever? He doesnOt know, but for some reason, his attempts to find out are being deliberately blocked by some of the people around him. Some of whom are not what they seem. In fact, some of them arenOt even people at all! After encountering a group of protesters it becomes obvious that the only chance of finding whatOs happened to her is to help them, and thatOs when he finds himself at the centre of a struggle that spans more than one planet and threatens his very existence. But if putting his life on the line is the only way he can find out whatOs happened to Helen, that s what he s prepared to do. In a world full of immortals, someone has to die!

Формат: 152x220мм, 306 стр.

ISBN: 9781447836650

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