Book: Gary R. Carini, Mark G. Dunn «Wally. s Workplace Wisdom. A fly. s-eye view of ways to boost employee morale and stimulate productivity»

Wally. s Workplace Wisdom. A fly. s-eye view of ways to boost employee morale and stimulate productivity

While the business at No. 19 Imperial Drive had some early success, the company never reached its full potential. At the rate it was going, it probably never would. The company was taking steps backward, with no viable plan to reverse this trend. And then it happened THE event. The story begins on a normal day and, when it concludes, the company has changed forever. Wally s Workplace Wisdom is a short but pragmatic parable. Maybe the story is about you. It could be about anyone in your company (or on your team) who has something to share, but for some reason never does. While some employees have valuable insight or information, they are either not asked or are unwilling to share their opinions. This is an illustration about the importance of encouraging everyone to share. For leaders, it s about opening the floodgates and welcoming valuable input from every team member. Readers will resonate with Wally, a common housefly, and the main characters. As the story unfolds, Wally takes flight and shares his insights with the leaders at No. 19. His direct, confrontational truths, called Wally s Words of Wisdom, help transform a dying company into one that holds renewed promise. His wisdom culminates in practical solutions, called Wally s Laws. Wally s greatest contribution is to highlight the importance and significance of the people dimension. From the personification of a common housefly to the analogies and metaphors that are used, readers will this simple story entertaining...

Формат: 135x200мм, 142 стр.

ISBN: 9781937317348

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