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Solis (изд. 2011 г. )

Mr. Charlie is a brain without a body, revived after being frozen for a thousand years. ** Charlie Outis has no idea of what the world might be like in the far future after he decides to have his brain frozen with the slim hope of it being revived one day. ** But even a thousand years from now, brains are a valuable commodity-even brains without heads. But who does the brain belong to? And who controls a mind without a body. ** Solis is a thought provoking and original exploration of what it means to be a sentient being by the author of the highly acclaimed Radix Tetrad, and an author, the Los Angeles Times calls a truly amazing, original talent.

Формат: 152x220мм, 164 стр.

ISBN: 9781604504026

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A. A. Attanasio

Infobox Writer
name = A. A. Attanasio
pseudonym = Adam Lee
birthname = Alfred Angelo Attanasio
occupation = Writer
birthdate = birth date and age|1951|9|20|mf = y
birthplace = Newark, New Jersey, United States
genre = Science fiction, Fantasy
website = http://www.aaattanasio.com/

Alfred Angelo Attanasio, born on September 20, 1951 in Newark, New Jersey, is an author of fantasy and science fiction. His mind-bending science-fiction novel Radix was nominated for the 1981 Nebula Award for Best Novel and was followed by three other novels, the four books, together, comprising the critically acclaimed 'Radix Tetrad.' Phoenix Pick, an imprint of Arc Manor Publishers has recently re-published books from the Tetrad. He also writes under the name Adam Lee.

Bibliography (full-length works)


*"Wyvern" (1988)
*"Hunting the Ghost Dancer" (1991)
*"Kingdom of the Grail" (1992)
*"The Moon's Wife: A Hystery" (1993)
*"Solis" (1994)
*"Silent" (1996) (with Robert S. Henderson)
*"Centuries" (1997)
*"Hellbound" (2001) (part of The Crow series of books)
*"Killing with the Edge of the Moon" (2006)
*"The Conjure Book (2007)

Radix Tetrad

*"Radix" (1981)
*"In Other Worlds" (1984)
*"Arc of the Dream" (1986)
*"The Last Legends of Earth" (1989)

Arthor Series

*"The Dragon and the Unicorn" (1994)
*"The Eagle and the Sword (1997)," published in the U.K. as " Arthor" (1995)
*"The Wolf and the Crown," published in the U.K. as "The Perilous Order: Warriors of the Round Table" (1998)
*"The Serpent and the Grail" (1999)

Dominions of Irth (writing as Adam Lee)

*"The Dark Shore" (1996)
*"The Shadow Eater" (1998)
*"Octoberland" (1998)

Bibliography (short works)

Anthologies containing his short works

*"New Worlds 6" (1974)
*"Nameless Places" (1975)
*"Epoch" (1975)
*"New Dimensions 7" (1977)
*"New Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos" (1980)
*"The Year's Best Fantasy Stories 12" (1986)
*"Made in Goatswood" (1995)
*"The Disciples of Cthulhu" (1996)
*"The Best of Crank!" (1998)
*"The Crow: Shattered Lives and Broken Dreams" (1998)
*"Measures of Poison" (2002)
*"Flights: Extreme Visions of Fantasy" (2004)
*"Horrors Beyond 2" (2007)


*"The Arts: Books" (1983)
*"In Responsibilities Begin Dreams" (1986)
*"Nude in the Garb Age" (1989)
*"The Crow Theory" (1998)


*"The Star Pools" (1980)
*"Remains of Adam" (1994)

hort stories

*"Beowulf and the Supernatural" (1971)
*"Elder Sign" (1972)
*"Fungi" (1972)
*"Loup-Garou" (1973)
*"Once More, the Dream" (1974)
*"Interface" (1975)
*"Glimpses" (1975)
*"The Blood's Horizon" (1977)
*"The Answerer of Dreams" (1984)
*"The Last Dragon Master" (1984)
*"Matter Mutter Mother" (1984)
*"Monkey Puzzle" (1984)
*"Nuclear Tan" (1984)
*"Over the Rainbow" (1984)
*"Sherlock Holmes and Basho" (1984)
*"Atlantis Rose" (1989)
*"Ink from the New Moon" (1992) (see Great Anti-Buddhist Persecution#In Modern Fiction)
*"Maps for the Spiders" (1992)
*"Wax Me Mind" (1993)
*"The Dark One: A Mythograph" (1994)
*"A Priestess of Nodens" (1995)
*"Wolves" (1997)
*"Death's Head Moon" (2002)
*"Zero's Twin" (2004)
*"Demons Hide Their Faces" (2004)
*"Investigations of the Fractal Blood Soul" (2005)
*"Telefunken Remix" (2006)
*"Fractal Freaks" (2007)

hort Story Collections

*"Beastmarks" (1984)
*"Twice Dead Things" (2006)


* Nebula Award, Best Novel nominee, 1982 ("Radix")
* World Fantasy Award, Best Novel nominee, 1992 ("Hunting the Ghost Dancer")
* British Fantasy Award, Best Novel nominee, 1995 ("Arthor")


"A(lfred) A(ngelo) Attanasio" in "Contemporary Authors Online". The Gale Group, 2001. Entry updated May 4, 2001

External links

* [http://www.aaattanasio.com A. A. Attanasio - Official Website]
* [http://attanasio.blogspot.com/ Dreadful Joy: A Weblog for the Yinsane] , Attanasio's blog
*isfdb name|id = A._A._Attanasio|name = A. A. Attanasio
* [http://www.PhoenixPick.com Official Phoenix Pick (publisher) Website]

NAME = Attanasio, Alfred Angelo
ALTERNATIVE NAMES = Attanasio, A. A.; Lee, Adam (literary pseudonym)
DATE OF BIRTH = September 20, 1951
PLACE OF BIRTH = Newark, New Jersey

Источник: A. A. Attanasio

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