Book: Jeremy Tyrrell «Adaptation - Part 3»

Adaptation - Part 3

Adaptation - Part 3 deals with the aftermath of the Director&39;s ambush at Pima County. The failure at Tucson by the hands of the Directors has the Vigils paralyzed and Master Theodore enraged. His ire is directed squarely at Agents Ottavio and Cassandra and they are exiled from the sanctuary of the Vigils. Sister Hanife and Master Penelope are not about to let them walk off on their own. Ryan, experiencing the arduous task of becoming a Director, discovers his destiny and his true relation to Father Abraham and Isaac. Marcus, however, has other plans for him. Both must discover where they belong in this world, whether they decide their own path, let invisible forces choose for them, or leave it up to fate.

Формат: 148x210мм, 366 стр.

ISBN: 9781291940343

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