Книга: James Nicholls «A New Ideology»

A New Ideology

This manifesto explains the ideologies of Distributism created by James Nicholls and its unrivalled benefits over all political ideologies. Every political party has profound weakness, a weakness which is opposed by the opposite sides of a party&39;s political position. Distributism has no weaknesses; it doesn&39;t actually sit on any political position as it has both Socialist ideas and Nationalist ideas. Hard-working British people who read this will realise that this ideology has no opposition, except those who shouldn&39;t be in the UK and rich people. Every political party is far from perfect. This manifesto addresses that with dozens of fresh ideas. Conservatives appease the rich, and now they&39;re in power they will increase the already horrendous gap between the wealthy and poor further and ruin Britain through excessive Capitalism. Capitalism, as most know is an unfair distribution of wealth which is worse in some countries than others.

Формат: 148x210мм, 108 стр.

ISBN: 9781326288129

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