Книга: Scott Rosen, David Pinette, John Touey «A Powerful Team. How CEOs and Their HR Leaders Are Transforming Organizations»

A Powerful Team. How CEOs and Their HR Leaders Are Transforming Organizations

A Powerful Team shows why HR strategy matters and how it can mean the difference between organizational success and failure. Based on interviews with top CEOs and HR leaders, this book makes the compelling argument that an effective HR strategy can lead to transformative improvements in your business approach and bottom line. The advice contained herein a collection of best practices on how to make the most of HR is based on the hard-earned experience of business leaders from large, medium, and smaller companies in various industries, both public and private. This book seeks to answer a number of important questions: How do CEOs and HR leaders create a powerful team? How do CEOs and HR leaders complement their skills, strengths, and weaknesses to work together effectively? How do CEOs and HR chiefs become aligned around core values and common goals? How does HR help create a unified and engaged corporate culture, where shared values and unity of purpose drive performance? As one of the CEOs interviewed in this book says, The ultimate measure of HR success is not in tactical things, like involuntary turnover or time to fill positions. HR needs to play an essential role in driving every one of our key results. At the end of the day, our results are all that matter. Therefore, everyone s ultimate measure should be that, and HR is no exception. HR leaders are now as responsible for contributing to the bottom line as the CFO and other senior members of the leadership team. A ...

Формат: 152x220мм, 112 стр.

ISBN: 9781524674519

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