Книга: Terence Park «A Guide to First Contact»

A Guide to First Contact

It&39;s 2060. Western civilisation crumbled decades ago. A new and mysterious power controls what&39;s left of the world - the Mandat Culturel. It came into being when the Earth was first contacted by aliens and it controls access to advanced technology. All that remains of the once mighty United States is the Petits Etats, centred on New England. Outside of there, civilisation survives in enclaves. The confederation of Sioux Nations, headed up by Wahchinksapa, a former intelligence operative, keeps the Mandat Culturel at bay. Triste is a bounty hunter with all the latest ordnance. He works the ruined cities, especially the former urban area of New York, now known as FUA 1. When the cities were abandoned, a lot of loot was left behind - his contracts are dangerous but they pay well. Creatures older than humanity watch over all. These are Star Beings, aloof and unsympathetic to human affairs. They have a plan.

Формат: 148x210мм, 570 стр.

ISBN: 9781326620035

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