Книга: Akhilesh Mehra «A Dragonfly Tale. To say nothing of the grasshopper.»

A Dragonfly Tale. To say nothing of the grasshopper.

Three InsectsOne snail shellAnd An Age Old ProphecyCocooned from the world is a strange flower. But see, I never expected to find it in my garden. As soon as you touch it, you can experience being a Lilliputian of&39;Gulliver in Lilliput&39; by becoming an INSECT. Oh, yeah, you heard it... an insect. I became a dragonfly (horrible, eh?) That is when my fantastic adventure begins. I&39;m handed a tricky task; to help a girl/grasshopper reach her home safely. But do you think that I would be able to survive this dangerous adventure? Being swallowed by a pitcher plant, getting stuck in cobwebs and a battle with a LARGE dog? But that is the least of my troubles. The real question is, was I able to change back to a NORMAL sized HUMAN? Or did I stay like that forever?

ISBN: 9781482870244

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