Книга: Paula Longhurst «A Case Of Espionage»

A Case Of Espionage

Meet Mary Maccallan, a proud sharp-tongued Scot. Scotch whiskey runs in her veins. Mary has been deputy CEO at Maccallan&39;s London office since University. She&39;s constantly battling with her half sibling, Fergus. His half-assed plans to wrest the company away from her have all failed. Until now. Fergus&39; new alliance with Essex gangland royalty could be the tipping point Mary doesn&39;t need. Enter Sebastian Miller; Mary&39;s friend, ally and possible new lover. He&39;s got an unhealthy interest in Mary&39;s gangster problem, a problem which is about to turn deadly; for Mary has unknowingly secured a piece of evidence that gangsters and spies are willing to kill for.

Формат: 135x200мм, 222 стр.

ISBN: 9780998925806

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