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Founded in a historic nursery in southeast Pennsylvania, Terrain is a nationally renowned garden, home, and lifestyle brand with an entirely fresh approach to living with nature. It's an approach that bridges the gap between home and garden, the indoors and the outdoors. An approach that embraces decorating with plants and inviting the garden into every living space. Terrain, the book, not only captures the brand's unique and lushly appealing sensibility in over 450 beautiful photographs but also shows, in project after project, tip after tip, how to live with nature at home. Here are ideas for flower arranging beyond the expected bouquet, using branches and wild blooms, seed heads and bulbs. Ten colourful container gardens inspired by painterly palettes. Dozens of ideas for making wreaths out of vines, dried stems, evergreens, and fresh leaves and fern fronds (which you learn to preserve in glycerin). Here are secrets for forcing branches to bloom in the middle of winter. Decorating with heirloom pumpkins, including turning them into table top planters. Simple touches - like massing high-summer hydrangeas into weathered baskets and scattering them around the patio - and more involved projects, including taking inspiration from Scandinavia and Britain to create a truly natural Christmas. With inspiration for every season, Terrain blurs the indoors and out to bring the subtle and surprising joys of nature into our lives every day.

Издательство: "Workman" (2018)

ISBN: 978-1-57965-807-6

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