Book: «Bon Voyage. Boutique Hotels for the Conscious Traveler»

Bon Voyage. Boutique Hotels for the Conscious Traveler

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Traveling has become one of the most democratic leisure activities in contemporary societies, and yet with the expansion of this industry new challenges arise. While natural environments, local societies and economic structures can be threatened by the disproportionate growth of tourism, in the last years a new commitment to improve the traveling experience, not only for the voyager but also for the locals, has risen globally. The result is a growing number of hotels where it is possible to live an out of the ordinary experience while contributing to a better future. Sustainable Boutique Hotels is a carefully curated compilation of the most remarkable examples in sustainable accommodation - those that are attuned to values of environmentalism, wellness, and ethical procedures without sacrificing a world-class design. Through in-depth profiles of hoteliers and their establishments, the book takes a look at everything from eco-luxury African resorts to modest Italian refuges, offering a privileged insight into the revolutionary shift towards wholesome journeys.

Издательство: "Gestalten" (2019)

ISBN: 978-3-89955-963-7

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