Электронная книга: Anne Eames «The Best Little Joeville»

The Best Little Joeville

THE LITTLEST MONTANA MALONE… Jenny was pregnant! And the father-to-be had taken off for the hills – before she could tell him the news. Why had Shane Malone suddenly hightailed it off the Malone ranch? After their night of passion and all that had happened between her and the sexy cowboy, Jenny expected a marriage proposal – not an empty bed!But when Shane returned, Jenny knew this man was fated to be her husband. And that their baby-to-be had given just about everyone in Joeville, Montana, the best little Christmas ever… . Montana Malones: Three sexy brothers whose lips are sealed with their secrets…'til passion pries'em loose.

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781408992388

электронная книга

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