Электронная книга: Шэрон Кендрик «Potent As Poison»

Potent As Poison

Mills&Boon are proud to present a thrilling digital collection of all Sharon Kendrick’s novels and novellas for us to celebrate the publication of her amazing 100th book! Many of these books are available as e books for the first time.Once bedded…When Riccardo Masterton reappears in Elizabeth Carson’s life, her heart stops as his eyes graze over hers, held there only for a moment before moving on. Beth lets out a sigh of relief thankful that Riccardo had apparently forgotten the one night of passion they once shared. Because Beth has a very good reason to want to keep her identity a secret from Ric…Never forgotten!But now the impossibly attractive Rick seems determinedto break down the barriers Beth holds so desperately to and it’s not long before it’s more than passion that Rick manages to uncover!

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781474063869

электронная книга

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