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Shadow Soldier

IN HIS PROTECTIVE CUSTODYDespite the fringe benefits of watching over Nicola Barrington, her covert«bodyguard» itched to get back into the fray. Assigned to the elite Special Designation Defense Unit, Alex Rodriguez leaped into action after a disarming moment of smoldering attraction paved the way for a sniper's lethal ambush. Seeking cover from a spray of bullets, Alex and Nicola sped away with trigger-happy assailants hot on their trail. But the danger was far from over. The senator's daughter was a pawn in a diabolical international terrorist attack that could topple the U.S. government. Even with gunshots exploding around them and feverish passion racing through their veins, this Shadow Soldier wasn't about to let his countryѿor his woman–down!

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781472034533

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Dana Marton

Dana Marton
Occupation Author
Genres Romance
Subjects Romantic Suspense
Notable work(s) CAMOUFLAGE HEART, winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence, TALL, DARK AND LETHAL was a 2008 Rita Award Finalist
Notable award(s) Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence, 2008 Rita Award Finalist


Dana Marton is the author of nearly two dozen romantic suspense novels for Harlequin Intrigue. Her first novel, Shadow Soldier, had originally been part of her course work for her M.A. degree in Writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University, and was published in 2004. Shadow soldier was her 5th completed manuscript after 12 years of working towards becoming a published author.

Her fast-paced novels feature strong heroines and alpha heroes, often in an international setting. Her novels include: Shadow Soldier, Secret Soldier, 72 Hours, Protective Measures, Ironclad Cover etc. She is a prolific author, writing as many as four books per year, and sometimes more.

Marton is the recipient of the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence. Currently, her novels are translated into 7 languages and published in 11 countries around the world.



  • Shadow Soldier, 2004
  • Secret Soldier, 2005
  • The Sheik's Safety, 2005
  • Camouflage Heart, 2005
  • Rogue Soldier, 2006
  • Protective Measures, 2006
  • Bridal Op, 2006
  • Undercover Shiek, 2006
  • Secret Contract, 2007
  • Ironclad Cover, 2007
  • My bodyguard, 2007
  • Intimae Details, 2007
  • Sheik Seduction,, 2008
  • 72 Hours, 2008
  • Sheik Protector, 2008
  • Tall, Dark And Lethal, 2008



"In the last instalment of the Miami Confidential series, Isabelle Rush and Rafe Montoya have taken off for the country of Ladera to find missing heiress Sonya Botera. Former bad boy Rafe has been battling his attraction to the lovely Isabelle since they met and now, thrown together on foreign soil in a life-and-death escapade, a flame starts to burn out of control. Dana Marton has her finger on the pulse of danger and intrigue as this Bridal Op takes an edgy and dangerous turn in a fast-paced race to rescue an innocent woman and escape with their lives." Romantic Times Magazine

"Protective Measures are taken when somebody tries to kill Congresswoman Kaye Miller. Kaye's politically powerful godfather drafts operative Daniel DuCharme as her bodyguard, and he becomes fiercely attracted to the beautiful widow, even though she's seven years older. When Kaye is kidnapped by a crazed paramilitary group, Daniel wades into a battle, nearly dying in the process. Dana Marton throttles up the suspense as they scramble to prevent a disaster and battle their sizzling attraction. Marton's characters are neatly drawn and compelling, as is a plot peppered with seething emotion." Romantic Times Magazine

"Mike McNair had done some crazy things, but going AWOL from his top secret unit and hauling himself across the icy tundra to rescue the woman he loves is definitely at the top of the list. Tessa Nielson had angrily broken things off, but now the two find themselves in a mad race across the freezing Alaskan landscape in Dana Marton's harrowing Rogue Soldier. Irreverent Mike and thrill-seeking Tessa are perfectly matched in a tale of stolen nuclear arms--where trusting the wrong person could be the death of them and the millions of people they're racing to save." Romantic Times Magazine


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