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Part-time Marriage

Could she become his part-time wife?How could Elexa stop her family bugging her about finding a«nice» man to marry? Right now, she wanted to concentrate on her career. The solution arrived in the shape of wealthy businessman Noah Peverelle, who wanted a son, but who had no time for emotional entanglements. Impulsively Elexa accepted when Noah proposed.But their convenient, part-time marriage wasn't working out as planned. For one thing, Elexa made the mistake of falling in love with her husband….

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781474015462

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Jessica Steele

Jessica Steele
Born May 9, 1933 (1933-05-09) (age 78)
Warwickshire, England
Pen name Jessica Steele
Occupation Novelist
Nationality British
Period 1979-Present
Genres Romantic novel
Spouse(s) Peter

Jessica Steele (b. May 9, 1933(1933-05-09) in Warwickshire, England) is a popular British author of over 85 romance novels. Her novels have been published by Mills & Boon since 1979.



Jessica Steele was born on May 9, 1933(1933-05-09) in Warwickshire town of Royal Leamington Spa. She has two brothers Colin and George, and a sister, Elizabeth. When she was young, she was very ill.

In 1967, Jessica married Peter, they have no children, but have a big dog, Florence.

Jessica sold her first novels to Mills & Boon in 1979. She loves writing her novels in longhand and travelling to the places she describes in her books.


Single Novels

  • The Icicle Heart (1979)
  • Hostage to Dishonour (1979)
  • Hostile Engagement (1979)
  • Spring Girl (1979)
  • Pride's Master (1979)
  • Intimate Friends (1979)
  • The Other Woman (1980)
  • Turbulent Covenant (1980)
  • Magic of His Kiss (1980)
  • Price to be Met (1980)
  • Devil in Disguise (1980)
  • Innocent Abroad (1981)
  • Bachelor's Wife (1981)
  • Gallant Antagonist (1981)
  • Other Brother (1981)
  • But Know Not Why (1982)
  • Dishonest Woman (1982)
  • Distrust Her Shadow (1982)
  • No Quiet Refuge (1983)
  • Reluctant Relative (1983)
  • Tethered Liberty (1983)
  • Intimate Enemies (1983)
  • Tomorrow - Come Soon (1983)
  • Bond of Vengeance (1984)
  • Ruthless in all (1984)
  • Imprudent Challenge (1984)
  • Facade (1984)
  • No Holds Barred (1984)
  • No Honourable Compromise (1985)
  • Promise to Dishonour (1985)
  • So Near, So Far (1986)
  • Misleading Encounter (1986)
  • Beyond Her Control (1986)
  • Relative Strangers (1987)
  • Unfriendly Alliance (1987)
  • Fortunes of Love (1988)
  • Without Love (1988)
  • When the Loving Stopped (1988)
  • To Stay Forever (1989)
  • Farewell to Love (1989)
  • Frozen Enchantment (1989)
  • Unfriendly Proposition (1989)
  • Passport to Happiness (1990)
  • Hidden Heart (1990)
  • A First Time for Everything (1990)
  • Bad Neighbours (1991)
  • Without Knowing Why (1991)
  • Flight of Discovery (1991)
  • Runaway from Love (1991)
  • His Woman (1991)
  • Destined to Meet (1992)
  • Hungarian Rhapsody (1992)
  • Italian Invader (1993)
  • Relative Values (1993)
  • West of Bohemia (1993)
  • Heartless Pursuit (1995)
  • With His Ring (1996)
  • A Business Engagement (1997)
  • The Trouble with Trent! (1997)
  • Temporary Girlfriend (1997)
  • A Most Eligible Bachelor (1998)
  • Nine-to-five Affair (1999)
  • After Hours (1999)
  • The Bachelor's Bargain (1999)
  • A Suitable Husband (2001)
  • His Pretend Mistress (2002)
  • An Accidental Engagement (2003)
  • A Pretend Engagement (2004)
  • A Most Suitable Wife (2005)
  • Promise Of A Family (2006)
  • The Boss and His Secretary (2007)
  • Engaged to Be Married? (2008)
  • Her Hand In Marriage (2008)
  • Falling for Her Convenient Husband (2009)

Fereday Twins Series

  1. The Sister Secret (1995)
  2. A Wife in Waiting (1996)

The Marriage Pledge Series

  1. The Feisty Fiance (2000)
  2. Bachelor in Need (2000)
  3. Marriage in Mind (2000)

Kids & Kisses Series Multi-Author

  • Bachelor's Family (1995)

Today's Woman Series Multi-Author

  • The Marriage Business (1995)

Family Ties Series Multi-Author

  • The Sister Secret (1995)

Holding Out for a Hero Multi-Author

  • Unexpected Engagement (1996)

Whirlwind Weddings Multi-Author

  • Married in a Moment (1998)

Marrying The Boss Series Multi-Author

  • Agenda, Attraction! (1998)

White Weddings Series Multi-Author

  • A Wedding Worth Waiting for (1999)

To Have and To Hold Series Multi-Author

  • Part-Time Marriage (2001)

Nine to Five Series Multi-Author

  • A Professional Marriage (2002)
  • Her Boss's Marriage Agenda (2004)

High Society Brides Multi-Author

  • A Paper Marriage (2003)

Contract Brides Series Multi-Author

  • Vacancy: Wife of Convenience (2005)


  • 9 to 5 (1998)
  • Misleading Encounter / Fortunes of Love (2004)
  • Feisty Fiancee / Bachelor in Need (2005)

Omnibus In Collaboration

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