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Salzano's Captive Bride

Step into a world of sophistication and glamour, where sinfully seductive heroes await you in luxurious international locations.At the mercy of the Venezuelan billionaire!Marco Salzano is furious! One moment of passion in the sultry heat of carnaval has its price. Burning with suspicion and anger, the arrogant Venezuelan is going to track down his errant one-night stand and claim his love-child!But he’s accusing the wrong woman. Pretending to be her sister, fragile Amber convinces Marco that the baby in question is not his. But when Marco discovers the deception he vows to take Amber not as his mistress but as his bride!

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781408912614

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Daphne Clair

Daphne Clair de Jong
Born 1939
Pen name Daphne Clair
Laurey Bright
Claire Lorel
Daphne de Jong
Clarissa Garland
Occupation Writer
Period 1977 - present
Genres Romance, poetry, non-fiction


Daphne Clair de Jong (b. 1939 in New Zealand) is a popular New Zealand writer of over 75 romance novels in Mills & Boon and other publishers since 1977 as Daphne Clair and Daphne de Jong, and under the pseudonyms Laurey Bright, Clair Lorel, and Clarissa Garland, and she also publishes poetry and articles.

Daphne Clair de Jong was a founding member and first president of Feminists for Life New Zealand, and wrote articles articulating its position in the seventies. Feminists for Life had no policies on homosexuality/lesbianism or divorce, as stated in the constitution. She subsequently resigned from the organisation, which had increasingly become associated with social conservatism and conservative Christianity and later became Women for Life, dropping its feminist focus.



Daphne Clair de Jong (née Williams) was born on 1939 in New Zealand. She decided to be a writer when she was 8 years old. She published her first short story when she was 16. She writes romantic novels, poetry and articles. She conducts a romance writing workshop for aspiring writers with Robyn Donald and offers her home as a writers' retreat. She has won awards for both her romantic novels and other works.

Clair is married to a Netherlands-born man, they have five children and live in the winterless north of New Zealand.


As Daphne Clair

Single novels

  • Return to Love (1977)
  • Streak of Gold (1978)
  • My Darling Clementina (1978)
  • Jade Girl (1978)
  • Jasmine Bride (1979)
  • The Sleeping Fire (1979)
  • Something Less Than Love (1979)
  • A Wilder Shore (1980)
  • Darling Deceiver (1980)
  • Frozen Heart (1980)
  • Loving Trap (1980)
  • Never Count Tomorrow (1980)
  • Dark Remembrance (1981)
  • Promise to Pay (1981)
  • Pacific Pretence (1982)
  • Marriage under fire (1983)
  • A Ruling Passion (1983)
  • Take Hold of Tomorrow (1984)
  • Dark Dream (1985)
  • No Escape (1987)
  • No Winner (1987)
  • The Wayward Bride (1989)
  • Flame on the Horizon (1993)
  • Dark Mirror (1994)
  • Infamous Bargain (1994)
  • Edge of Deception (1995)
  • Wilde Man (1996)
  • Grounds for Marriage (1996)
  • Wilde Heart (1996)
  • Lover's Lies (1997)
  • Reckless Engagement (1997)
  • Carpenter's Mermaid (1997)
  • Summer Seduction (1998)
  • Wife to a Stranger (1998)
  • Makeshift Marriage (1999)
  • His Trophy Mistress (2001)
  • The Marriage Debt (2002)
  • Claiming His Bride (2003)
  • The Determined Virgin (2003)
  • The Brunellesci Baby (2004)

Year Down Under Series Multi-Author

  • And Then Came Morning (1992)

Expecting! Series Multi-Author

  • The Riccioni Pregnancy (2003)

Omnibus in collaboration

As Laurey Bright

Single novels

  • Tears of Morning (1981)
  • Sweet Vengeance (1982)
  • Deep Waters (1983)
  • When Morning Comes (1984)
  • Fetters of the Past (1984)
  • Long Way from Home (1985)
  • Rainbow Way (1987)
  • Jacinth (1988)
  • Sudden Sunlight (1989)
  • Games of Chance (1989)
  • A Guilty Passion (1990)
  • The Older Man (1992)
  • The Kindness of Strangers (1993)
  • An Interrupted Marriage (1994)
  • A Perfect Marriage (1995)
  • Summer's Past (1996)
  • Shadowing Shahna (2002)
  • Life with Riley (2002)
  • With His Kiss (2003)
  • Dangerous Waters (2003)
  • Her Passionate Protector (2004)
  • Wed in White (2007)

Conveniently Wed Series Multi-Author

  • The Mother of His Child (1999)

Virgin Brides Series Multi-Author

  • Marrying Marcus (2001)
  • The Heiress Bride (2002)

Omnibus in collaboration

  • Her Passionate Protector / Wanted (2004) (with Ruth Langan)
  • Shadowing Shahna / Millionaire for Molly (2004) (with Marion Lennox)

As Claire Lorel

Single novels

  • Lord Brandsley's Bride (1981)
  • Miss Miranda's Marriage (1982)
  • Huntersford (1999)

As Daphne de Jong

  • Crossing the Bar (1998)
  • Gather the Wind (1999)

Omnibus in collaboration

  • Venus, Vagabonds and Miscellanea (1993) (with Ann Macrae and Anna Granger)

As Clarissa Garland

Single novel

  • Return to Opal Reach (1998)


  • Dying Light: Katherine Mansfield Short Story Award and others

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